Susana Damouni, the Barbie doll of Instagram

June 28 17:04 2021
Susana Damouni, the Barbie doll of Instagram

Susana Damouni, the Barbie doll of Instagram
Susana Damouni is a fashion and beauty lifestyle influencer, as well as a brand ambassador with a largely growing social media platform and fan base. Susana, also known as the Barbie doll of Instagram, is one of the best renowned social media icons world widely.

Susana Damouni is one of the renowned lifestyle bloggers who shares and inspires her followers on a wide range topics including beauty, fashion, health and fitness. Susana, the Gemini, is born in May 28th. She lives in her mother country Canada, Toronto, where she gives vent of her marvelous and breathtaking works in both physical and beauty domains. Arguably, Susana has been ranked one of the most inspiring influencer with a wide-ranging social media outreach that surpassed 3.8 million followers. Followers from all over the world are highly interested and influenced by her ostentatious and eye-catching updates on social media platform.

When Susana’s name is mentioned, the first thing that comes to your mind is her outstanding physique. As a fitness influencer, Susana always sheds light on the importance of having daily workouts so that a woman can look fit, fabulous and maintain the best physique ever. Susana is not only known as fitness influencer, but also she is a famous beauty blogger. If you scroll in her Instagram photos, you will discover to what extent is Susana obsessed in beauty. Susana’s interest and passion in beauty and makeup urged her to dive in the world of cosmetics and makeup and search for kits and brands which are suitable for her and her fans too.

She insists on giving honest reviews and recommendations about beauty products and brands tested by her previously to so that not foil her followers. She was able to attain credibility by the virtue of trustworthiness and genuineness in every single product (beauty and fashion) she has recommended. She has recommended various products from various online shops including Dose of Roses, Alingmed, Goats Woman, Beauty Kitchen, Goli, Kimmy Luxe Dolls, Boomba, Madnecia, Shining Style, MODERE, Just Strong and Aochoae Official. Besides, she offers discount codes for her followers to benefit from while shopping from these pages. In addition to that, Susana Damouni has been a prominent advocate for FDA laws and restrictions for surgical procedures especially those of argumentation. Briefly, Susana’s main target is her audience, she keeps on giving tips on the fashion and fitness world for the sake of her followers’ benefits.

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