Author Leon Mason launches his debut novel based on a true accident in 1994

June 29 02:30 2021

Author Leon Mason recently released his compelling debut novel, The life of TONY MARCEANO, the first installment in a planned trilogy. Although fictional, this remarkable story is based on the author’s experiences surviving a severe car accident that was televised on the “Car vs. school bus” episode of the hit TV show Rescue 911.

In The life of TONY MARCEANO, the titular character has a charmed life as a popular high school student with a loving family and the looks to make the local girls swoon. While the good things — like earning passing grades with minimal effort — come easy, so do the bad. Tony likes to live on the end, a mischievous teenager who loves his older brother, Tyke, and tries to get him to lighten up a little.

Tyke has always had to work harder than Tony to succeed in school. As an exceptional student and a responsible young man, he worries about Tony’s behavior and vows to spend more time mentoring him. But in spite of Tyke’s efforts, he’s not able to protect his brother from a near-fatal accident. As Tony begins a rapid downward spiral, he has to rediscover what his life will be like and recover from an unbelievable event that has left him forever transformed.

Young adult and adult readers alike will find something to enjoy in Mason’s poignant story of family love, redemption, and the fighting to overcome the challenges of chance. Reviewers praise The life of TONY MARCEANO as an “incredible read,” stating “Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the excitement and intrigued…”

After 43 years in the making, The life of TONY MARCEANO is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Sequels are currently in development. Mason also hosts a companion series on YouTube called The Life of TM Show.

Author Leon Mason survived a devastating car accident in 1994 that left him with a severe brain injury. After some trouble with the law and grappling with his role as a father of five, he found renewed purpose in the plumbing trade. As his career in plumbing progressed, Mason revisited his lifelong dream of writing a book. He released his debut, The life of TONY MARCEANO, in February 2021.

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