Ann Arbor Apartments promoting “thinking green” on their properties

July 20 21:47 2021

At a time when the world is reeling under the effects of climate change and pandemics, a property management company in Ann Arbor, a vibrant college town in Michigan is spearheading environmental conservation through its “thinking green” initiative. While urging other businesses to follow the suit, the company spokesperson said that it is important to treat the environment well if livelihoods as well as the future generations are to be safeguarded. “In all our 17 premier communities around the University of Michigan area, we encourage our residents to take care of the environment to ensure sustainability,” said the company spokesperson while adding that there are lots of benefits that can be derived through such actions. The company which started its operations in 1992 promotes “thinking green” through the materials they buy and use. They ensure that residents conserve energy through switching off the lights when not in use.

Proper waste management is another aspect that the company emphasizes according to the company spokesperson. “We encourage the residents to segregate their waste as required to ease its management. We discourage littering around the compound and this is something that residents take seriously as it is hard to find liter in our properties,” said one of the AAA manager while noting that all their residents have taken the necessary measures to ensure that they live in a clean environment.

Ann Arbor Apartments green initiative is not restricted to waste and energy management, the company also encourages the residents to use resources sustainably. Through its roommate matching services, it promotes sharing of resources, an initiative that company representative says helps save on rent money as well as creating strong relationships within the community. In treating its residents as members of the extended family, the company helps in building healthy relationships and promoting community values.

“As we mark twenty nine years of service to the people of Ann Arbor, we will continue encouraging our communities to think green as it is the only way we can guarantee a clean environment,” said the company representative while emphasizing on the importance of promoting green real estate management.

About Ann Arbor Apartments

Ann Arbor Apartments is a Family Owned and Operated rental property company in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The rental property company is managed by a team of caring professionals.  Its staff is made up of trained, educated and experienced individuals who offer professional property administration services that strive to eliminate resource waste and ensure sustainability. All its locations provide both safe and comfortable neighborhoods for our residents. They are currently operating 17 premier communities located around the University of Michigan. For close to three decades, the rental property company has proudly served the University of Michigan area – Downtown – Kerry town and the beautiful “West Side” Its goal is to have its customers feel like they a part of our extended family

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