Djamu LLC Announces Organic Traditional Herbal Drink That Boosts Immunity And Helps with Covid-19 Recovery

July 20 21:54 2021
For hundreds of years, Indonesians boost their health by drinking Djamu. Shanley brings the power of this ancient drink and nature’s wonder to help the people of New York during the pandemic

Brooklyn, NY – The human immunity system plays a vital role in the fight against bacteria and viruses. Djamu LLC, a company dedicated to using herbs and natural foods to improve health, is helping New York people boost their immune system with Djamu.

Djamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal tonic made with fresh organic turmeric, fresh organic ginger, organic tamarind, organic lemon, and raw honey. It combines the qualities of these wonderful gifts of nature into a simple drink that is bottled immediately and delivered to the client for consumption. Djamu has a mixture of pungent, spicy, tartness, and sweet tastes, giving consumers a unique experience.

My mother is an herbal pharmacist, so I grew up testing and drinking many kinds of South Asian medicine & herbal tonic that she created. From there, I have always been interested in developing my own herbal tonic to help people to elevate their immunity system and live a healthy lifestyle,” said Shanley, founder of Djamu LLC. “So, during the pandemic, I constantly made and distributed Djamu drink with the strong belief it will help many people to elevate their immunity systems against Covid-19 and its variants.”

Djamu is a drink that originates from Javanese culture in Indonesia. According to written records, the people in that region have been making and drinking it since more than 700 years ago. It’s mostly regarded as a medicinal drink for treating several ailments, a reputation that helped it spread quickly to different parts of the world.

Shanley, the founder of Djamu LLC, learned to make the drink from her mother, a well-respected herbal pharmacist, growing up in Indonesia. After moving to New York City in 1995, she continued making the drink for herself and her friends. Today, her company produces and distributes Djamu using organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging to help consumers benefit from its natural goodness and immune-boosting qualities.

Djamu drink is excellent for people who want to improve their health by consuming products made from natural and organic ingredients. People who love clean and healthy eating, holistic health, herbal drink, and anti-inflammatory drinks will also find Djamu fascinating. Those on keto and paleo diet, low carb diet, or are looking to detox can also add Djamu to their eating schedule.

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Djamu LLC makes and distributes the traditional Indonesian Djamu herbal drink for consumers in New York. Every ingredient for making the drink is organic and sourced from reliable businesses passionate about healthy living and lifestyle.

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