Gooby and freelancing – Find out what they are all about

July 21 11:10 2021

Gooby is a platform made to connect skilled freelancers with the demands of individuals and businesses. It emphasizes ease and intuitiveness of usage and prioritizes the provision of the right product or service to the individual or business requesting it. The platform had officially soft-launched in the year 2020. With an iOS and Android application already available, and a website version set to be launched later on, available at

Though it operates globally, Gooby’s operations are in three countries. Its headquarters are in Qatar, with branches in Estonia and Turkey. The platform is the brainchild of three businesswomen with an interest in the SAAS industry, Raghad Akram, Noora Al-Marri, and Taimaa Janat. 

Throughout its development and commencement, the platform was supported and given a grant by the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). In its development, the character ‘Gooby’, on which the business’ brand is centered, was drawn out of its ability to mold and shape itself into all that the mind can imagine. When you see the character itself, which looks like a ball of goop, it makes sense. The shapeshifting ability of Gooby was made to emulate the nature of freelancers’ freedom in wearing multiple hats, as opposed to the usual limitations full-time work would entail. 

In an interview with the founders of Gooby, I was curious to see whether I got the story behind the character right from first glance, Raghad Akram responded “You could not have said it better. Though I did want to add that we wanted to focus on creating a character that was both relatable and memorable. It took us a year of serious conceptualizing and re-conceptualizing which accumulated to this end result”. On that note, I asked what is happening with Gooby and what the next steps were. Akram responded that “our team is constantly expanding, and we are planning a serious overhaul and improvement of features to meet our clients’ expectations”. Furthermore, she added that “Later on this year, Gooby will also be available for desktop users as a website that does just as well as the app and provides more functionality for users who may need it on a desktop. In conclusion, our most important thing is to work hard to achieve and actualize our freelancers’ needs, and making sure we support their needs as much as possible, this is the quintessential goal for Gooby”.

Flexibility for freelancers is essential, and some freelancers find it difficult to provide their skill due to it being niche and specific, to this Taimaa Janat responded that “Gooby provides over 10 categories with over 100 sub-categories which ensures that any freelancers’ skills are accommodated for” she continues “especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a large demand for that flexibility and many workers have had to switch to freelancing for the first time. Now the pandemic has incentivized swathes of young and highly skilled individuals to seek alternative career opportunities. The platform’s extensive list of categories, as well as being able to work both on-site and online, has come at the right time for that. Businesses have also started to quickly adapt to a fully remote work model, which would also involve depending on outsourcing freelancers that can provide the work needed digitally”.

“We are extremely grateful and fortunate for QSTP’s constant support, whose support helped us in realizing the platform”, Noora Al-Marri said, “I feel very confident in the future of the platform because of the team behind it who was able to devise a strategy in the development of the platform and execute it efficiently. Our team’s strategy was devised to accommodate for all freelancing work, making it a viable option for all.”

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