Scratch Supply Co – Exceptional Yarn With Strong Commitment To Principles

August 11 20:51 2021

Based out of Lebanon, New Hampshire, Scratch Supply Co, strives to showcase and celebrate diversity in the fibre community, curating a wide range of products from indie, POC/BIPOC, queer, and other underrepresented dyers and makers.

Started by three partners with unique backgrounds, Karen, a city councilor, Travis, a former marine, and Jessica, a retired baker, all coming together with a shared vision to promote the superiority of handcrafted and high-quality materials, and the personal connection that stems from hand-knitted products and brands.

This family mainstreet business is thriving in the time of COVID-19, and cheap mass-produced products sold online, and is on course to celebrate its 5th anniversary as a destination specialty retailer. The store believes that creating friendly environments, with personal connection are the need of the hour, and it is this concept that has propelled them so far.

Scratch Supply Co, has made deep in-roads in its local community, with numerous efforts to help the city thrive, with the owners volunteering and chairing various non-profits, and even running the weekly Lebanon Farmers Market, as they strongly believe their fates are intertwined with the growth and prosperity of the city and its local community.

Apart from its distinct range of yarn and crafting supplies, Scratch appeals to customers with its ironclad commitment to principles, such as helping grow craftsmen and artisans, adding life to the main streets of a sleepy town in New England, while also ensuring environmental sustainability, and community-sustaining business practices.

Add to this, their commitment to size-inclusivity and body positivity, the retailer doesn’t just sell products, but experiences that leaves people with warmth, happiness and contentment, who will gladly pay a premium for their products. The raving reviews and testimonials across various sites by devoted customers, is a testament to this.

Since the beginning, the store has strived to create an inspiring and welcoming environment, becoming a public space for the community without any expectations of making a purchase. People can bring yarn themselves and start knitting all afternoon on the couch, without buying any new yarn from the store. Karen Zook believes in investing in her customers, and if people fall in love with knitting, they are likely to be long-time patrons.

Running a small niche-business in a rural community is never easy, which is why such differentiation, customer service and personalization has added enormous value to not just the store, but the entire community in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

The store’s careful curation of indie brands often makes it a one-stop shop for all yarn-fandom on Instagram, with many customers exclaiming “You have all the yarns that I follow on Instagram”. The retailer sees no value in filling its shelves with run of the mill yarns that are available anywhere, its focussed on limiting offering, while emphasizing distinct and exclusive brands and products from small, indie makers.

The Scratch Supply Co, has since announced various new initiatives to capitalize on its brand and popularity, with classes, trunk shows and events, all of which are expected to significantly grow the shop’s reach and fandom overall.

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