GibsonGirlz Hit 10.6 Million Views On Their Debut Tik Tok Video

August 11 21:16 2021
Natalie, Lauren, and Cortney Gibson are The Gibson Girlz. The American power-trio of sisters had reached an unprecedented number of TikTok views with their debut video.

The Gibson Girlz have come close to the most-viewed TikTok debut videos of all time with their debut dancing video. As soon as they entered the TikTok world, they were rewarded with more than 10.6 million views, which is drastically above average for some of the biggest names with the highest following rates. 

Some of the current top 10 TikTok sensations are Kison Kee (298.4 million views), Daeox (375.2 million views), Bella Poarch (610.8 million views), James Charles (1.7 billion views), and Zach King (2.2 billion views). 

While the aforementioned names can be regarded as household TikTok brands with nearly billions of followers, the fresh Gibson Girlz sisters achieved the success of 10.6 million views without a starting fanbase. 

Millions of new fans flocked to their bandwagon due to their genuinely unique dancing styles, their charismatic personas, positive messages, and their accent on family values and bonds. Their video-editing skills are also fairly impressive and lend themselves to their gorgeous content. 

Their first video features Lauren, Natalie, and Cortney in matching red swimsuits, after which they have released a series of short clips with matching clothing in different colors. All current The Gibson Girlz videos are taken by the beachside and showcase their impeccable synchronized dancing skills and abilities.

While their second video hit only 703,000 likes, the third and sixth had more than 1,4 million each. The Gibson Sisters started implementing overhead messages in their recent videos and are currently in the process of moving to a content house sponsored by Swimply

Fans can expect an abundance of fresh Gibson Girlz content with even better video quality soon. In the meantime, The Gibson Girlz can be contacted via email, on their official TikTok account, or via private messages on their Instagram profiles. 

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