New Study Reveals The Story Behind Star Logos Of Iconic Brands

August 12 12:54 2021
New Study Reveals The Story Behind Star Logos Of Iconic Brands
Recent expository seeks to uncover the story behind iconic brands that have a star in their logo

The business world has continued to evolve over the years and experts have rightly identified branding as one of the most important factors to consider for success-oriented businesses. Logo design remains one significant aspect of branding that cannot be overemphasized. Consequently, businesses tend to spend a lot of resources in developing logos that does not only stand them out but also tells a message about the brand. 

Several companies have grown to become global brands and major players in the industry, with their logos almost unmistakable. A recent study has taken the art of studying logos a notch higher, seeking to unravel the story behind the logos of major brands as highlighted as follows:


Wagamama is a Japanese word that means “self-indulgent,” “self-centred”, “disobedient”, or “wilful.” However, the brand often translates it as “naughty child” to represent what it stands for. 


According to Heineken, five-point stars have been used by brewers since the Middle Ages. They allegedly symbolize the ingredients for making beer – water, barley, hops, yeast, and a fifth element that comprises the “magic of brewing” as delivered by Heineken.


According to the owner and founder of the leading retail store, the decision to add the start as part of the brand’s logo was inspired by one of his experiences as a whaler. Rowland Hussey Macy revealed that he wore a star tattoo as a remembrance of an event where was lost at sea but found a star to guide him to shore.


According to NutriEnergized, five points pinwheel star is a symbol of nonstop energy with the red colour symbolizing the brand’s origin which is in the British flag, and green for nutrition. NutriEnergized also used the red pinwheel star logo for their drifting events to symbolize drifting.

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