MJ Harris Is Helping Women Make Money in Insurance through OmniBay

August 16 20:22 2021
Real women are making real profits with OmniBay insurance agency and lead platforms.

OmniBay’s platform is for everyone — regardless of race, gender or any other factor. It is, however, the organization’s pride to have helped a sizeable number of women enter this traditionally non-female-dominated field and make money.

Shawnda Stewart from California shared, “Today, I did $3,202 AP using OmniBay leads. I’m filled with joy and excitement! The day isn’t over yet — a few more appts to go. Love you, MJ, for this platform.”

And Elisa Varnedoe from Florida added, “I made $2,400 in three days using the lead system.”

Co-founded by Malcolm “MJ” Harris, an internationally recognized CEO, producer and lifestyle/business influencer who has been featured by Oprah, OmniBay is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Women make up over 70% of the team and hold high leadership positions in the firm and among their close advisors. For example, five out of six of OmniBay’s attorneys are women.

“I wanted to build a business where people did not have to feel like their gender could hold them back.” said Mr. Harris. “Women have been good to me, so I want them to know that they can reach their goals at OmniBay.”

OmniBay offers weekly sales and business training to the members. This consists of live online training content each week, focusing on topics like How to Get Your Insurance License, How to Grow Your Agency, How to Find Clients, How to Manage Your Business and many more.

Joining the team is free if you are licensed. If you are unlicensed or licensed and desire training, you can join for a modest monthly training fee.

The platform assists licensed members in contracting with insurance carriers — each offering its dynamic compensation plan – and the company has a leads program that rivals some of the largest firms in the industry.

“If you want to soar, you can do it here – regardless of your gender, race, gender orientation or any other factor,” added Mr. Harris.

Suzette Reid from Florida stated, “I submitted three apps this week — thanks to the leads program. I have two conversations pending and another couple pending. All are from the leads system. I’m so grateful. I submitted $4509.00 this week!”

Based in Los Angeles, California, Harris’ program, OmniBay, is a life insurance sales and lead generation firm. More information can be found at http://www.IWantToSellInsurance.com.

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OmniBay teaches professionals how to enter and grow within the life insurance industry. They provide sales training and support, contracting with insurance carriers, and quality affordable leads.

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