This Ring Light Can Clip Anywhere

August 16 20:36 2021
Versatile ring light perfect for your phone, laptop and more! This ring light has a built-in clip to easily connect to your electronics for next-level lighting.

For over a year now, the entire world has dealt with the effects that come with a pandemic. Daily life has never been quite different for the average person than today. The founders at Oluminate™ emerged out of the pandemic to tackle a problem that comes with a new lifestyle that has been introduced: Work from home.

The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to see co-workers clearly with the poor quality that comes from webcams. The solution? A clip-on ring light. Oluminate™ is one of the first companies to tackle this problem with their best-selling OlumiRing™ ring light.

At the surface, OlumiRing™ looks like any ordinary ring light…but when you take a closer look, you can observe the vast features that it hosts.

It’s built-in clip is accompanied by a soft silicone internal lining to protect your expensive electronics. Completely adjustable brightness is easy to access and control. Both warm and cool light tones can be used to match your skin tone best. Finally, the device itself is rechargeable and just over 3 inches in diameter, making it extremely easy to take on-the-go.

OlumiRing™ is a must-have for working from home, but it doesn’t end there. The versatility offered in such a small package make it perfect for Content Creators. Students, Photographers, Videographers, Makeup Artists and so much more.

Clip it to your phone for high quality TikToks in low quality lighting situations. Clip it to your mirror before you apply makeup for an instant glow effect. Clip it to a nearby object and point it in the direction of whatever you’re shooting. When you’re all finished, toss it in your bag and move on to your next adventure.

When it comes to video and photo content, it’s no secret that lighting is a crucial element to the puzzle. Poor lighting can mean the difference between content somebody wants to pay attention to versus content that is easily overlooked. Don’t let your lighting get in the way of what you do best.

Oluminate™ is proudly founded in the USA and the founders tell us that they have no plans of slowing down their growth. They’ve recently introduced new products that are available for sale in over 10 countries and counting – Such as their new waterproof OlumiSphere™ orb light and their larger 10-inch ring light, OlumiRing™ MAX. Check them out and support a small business today!

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