Print Head Clogged? It Is Not A Big Problem

September 02 22:07 2021
Learning how to maintain the print head is particularly important. Daily maintenance, reduces the clogging phenomenon; facing a sudden situation in a relax.

The core components of the inkjet printer are in the inkjet printhead, also people often call it nozzles. Long-term shelving printed opportunities, improper operation, use of bad quality ink will cause print head clog! If the nozzle is not fixed in time, the effect will not only affect the production schedule, also it may cause a permanent clog so that the whole print head will need to replace. If you change another print head, then the cost will raise! Therefore, learning how to maintain the print head is particularly important. Daily maintenance, reduces the clogging phenomenon; facing a sudden situation in a relax.

1. Structure of inkjet printer head The common nozzle structure of the inkjet printer mainly has an inkjet head and ink cartridge all-in-one way:

The integrated cartridge structure is used up in the ink cartridge, so the ink head and the ink cartridge are replaced together, such a mechanism is relatively tight, high reliability, but relative cost. (Such as RB-04HP, it use with HP 803 print head, so the print head is go with ink cartridge)

The ink nozzle head and ink cartridges is separated structure. Most machines commonly used in the current market use a double print head structure: a white + varnish print head and a color print head. Each color ink bottle with independent, and ink can be added separately, further reduced printing costs.

2. Causes of inkjet print head clog Due to normal printing of the printhead, it is sealed or placed for a long time, and the moisture is excessively evaporated, causing the ink to dry in the fine print head, so that the ink cannot be ejected normally. Another happened is the different ink is mixed, producing a chemical reaction. It is usually manifested as a failure of the discretion, color missing, blurring, and even proper printing.

3. inkjet printer clog classification & solution It can be roughly divided into two categories: soft clog, hard clog.

Repair of a soft clog

1. Soft clog refers to a broken ink failure caused by the viscosity of the ink due to various reasons. Sometimes it is only attached to the surface of the ink nozzle, which is generally removed by the original ink to be cleaned. It is a bit simple, fast, no physical damage; the disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the ink is more wasteful.

2. Use the printer driver’s application tool to print the head cleaning function to clean; its advantages are simple, convenient, and fast. The disadvantage is that the cleaning effect might not bit ideal.

Precautions:1, the above two methods generally should not exceed three times. When the printer clog is not serious, it should be pushed off within three times; if it is unable to do after three times, it means that the clog is relatively serious, use with this way is a waste for the ink, at this time need to do further treatment

2, due to the ink cartridge and the print head with “gas resistance” is generated, there will be a small amount of irregular broken line. No need to clean up, after a period of time, you will be using it without line.

3, Do not use ink mix. New purchased ink is not anxious to add in the ink cartridge, first inhale some ink with needle tubing in a bright place, and see will there with suspension in the ink or not. If there is a suspended stuffs, then do not mixed ink. If it is not, use the ink from the ink cartridges, and mixed with new ink, observed for 24 hours after mixing. If the ink after mixing with chemically reacted, such as such as crystallization, which means two type of ink is not good for compatibility, so do not mix.

Repair of hard clog The hard clog refers to a clog in a coagulant or impurities in the nozzle. This fault is difficult, and the following four methods can be used to solve it.

1. soaking Scope of application: minor material: print head clean solvent, a clean cup, and a metal container;Working principle: Use of print head clean solvent, otherwise it will be counterproductive.Workaround: First find a metal container, add a little print head clean solvent. Print head clean solvent is limited to the stainless steel edge in the container (notice that the PCB board is not allowed to contact alcohol). Soak time is generally at least 2 hours to 4 days. Its advantage with the cleaning effect is good, and it is not easy to cause physical damage to the printhead; the disadvantage is that the time required is longer, it is difficult to solve the urgent need of the user. 2, Pressure cleaning Scope of application: Heavy Prerequisites: Print head clean solvent, a clean cup, a syringe.Working Principle: The pressure generated by the sink of the syringe, injecting print head clean solvent into the printhead, thereby achieving the effect of cleaning drying ink head.

Solution:The interface between the ink and the printhead in the ink portion of the syringe (the joint portion must be tight) with a disposable infusion tube, and after the interface is completed, put the printhead into the printhead clean solvent. In the printhead clean solvent, use the syringe to inhale printhead clean (only inhale) with a syringe, and do inhalation several times. The advantage of the cleaning effect is good.

Generally, a heavier clog printhead can be cleaned by this method. It is worth noting that inhalation print head clean solvent needs to be uniform. The front and rear, generally do not cause physical damage. It is only necessary to make an interface manually work, so better ask with a professional maintenance technician to cooperate, there is a certain hands-on capable of repairing, making a good tool to ensure long-term use.

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