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September 02 22:28 2021

artificial flowers

Sunflower (scientific name: Helianthus annuus L.): It is a plant of the genus Asteraceae and Sunflower. Named after the inflorescence turns with the sun. Herbs annual, 1-3.5 meters high, up to 9 meters. Stems erect, rounded and angular, hard and hard white. The broadly ovate leaves are usually alternate, apex acute or acuminate, with 3 base veins, margin serrate, rough on both sides, coat, long stalk. Flower heads, 10-30 cm in diam., solitary on culms or branches. The total sepals are multi-layered, leafy, imbricate, pubescent, flowering in summer, neutral yellow tongue-like flowers in inflorescence margins, not firm. The middle part of the inflorescence is a bisexual tubular flower, brown or purple, which is firm. Momented ovate achenes, woody, gray or black, called sunflower seeds.

Wild sunflower habitats are mainly grasslands and dry, open areas. They grow along roadsides, fields, desert edges and grasslands. It grows best in sunny, wet or disturbed areas. Native to South America, domesticated species were brought from Europe to Europe in 1510 by the Spaniards, initially for viewing. At the end of the 19th century, it was again brought back to North America from Russia. It is cultivated in all countries of the world and in China. Through artificial cultivation, many varieties are formed in different habitats, especially in the size and color of the flower heads and the achenes form, and it is the best raw material for comprehensive utilization.

Mainly divided into two categories, edible and ornamental. Sunflower seeds are called sunflower seeds, which have high oil content and are semi-dry oils. They are delicious and delicious. Flower spikes, seed husks and stalks can be used as feed and industrial raw materials, such as rayon and pulp, and the spikes are also used for medicinal purposes.

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