The Ways to choose commercial 3D projectors

September 02 22:33 2021

Explaining ppt at the conference, or to show your products to customers, or to train employees with work, etc., all need to use a projector. Therefore, in the business work of enterprises, especially in business presentations, the projector has become the main equipment of the presentation operator, so the display effect of the projector determines to a certain extent whether the entire exhibition can be carried out smoothly. If some products can be used for 3D display on the display, the effect will be more efficient, so for most companies, 3D projectors are needed at the conference.

In daily office, although the brightness of commercial projectors is very important, it is not as high as possible. If the brightness is too high, it will inevitably affect the color performance of the projection screen, and will also increase the heat dissipation burden of the fuselage and shorten the life of the projection light source. Therefore, in the selection process of the projector, the brightness level needs to be determined according to the actual application environment.


For any projector, the lamp is both a core part of the projector and a core of consumables. The service life of traditional commercial projector bulbs is generally 1000-2000 hours, the replacement price is about 800-1000 yuan, and the accumulation over the years is also a large expenditure. In order to prolong the life of the lamp, Liying uses the fourth-generation projector IMAX polarized 3D technology, many years of projector R&D experience, and integrates green environmental protection concepts into the development and production of projectors. Liying LDLP500IMAX linear polarized 3D technology HD commercial projector The built-in LampSave smart energy-saving mode significantly extends the lamp life to 10,000 hours. Based on an average of 5 hours of usage per day, it can be used for 5.5 years, eliminating the need for the projector to frequently replace the lamp, and greatly reducing the overall cost of use. In addition, Liying LDLP is also equipped with energy-saving skills, which can reduce energy consumption by 70%, and also very helpful to extend the life of the lamp. The total cost of ownership is relatively low, and the brightness and image quality performance will not be affected by this. The discount will improve the overall performance of the projector and reduce the maintenance cost later.


Liying’s non-flash linear polarized 3D projector, its 3D display imaging technology adopts the same technology as Wanda Cinema’s 3D display principle, 3D display technology is Cinema RealD 3D display, 3D projector that can be tilted to watch, its 3D effect is outstanding The operation is very simple. Blu-ray 3D movies can be played with one click. Up and down 3D and left and right 3D movies only need to be converted from the corresponding 3D format on the playback side. The same principle as the construction of full HD dual projection. IMAX linear polarized projector and IMAX large-scale theater adopt the same source technology, which is the best 3D technology at present. It can also be used to detect the source quality of 3D animation and 3D video. Liying’s projector is a stand-alone dual-lens projector, using the most cutting-edge polarized 3D projection technology, when showing, he is small, convenient, and high brightness. When doing quality inspection, he can restore the stereoscopic vision most realistically, and the stereoscopic effect can reach the professional level of Wanda IMAX theater. 


Now with the maturity of the 3D market, the use of computer software for 3D video detection is outdated, and projection hardware is used to detect not only 3D effects, but also the correctness of video 3D effects and human sensory comfort. At present, only Polaroid 3D projector is available in China. The price is close to the people, and ordinary small and medium-sized companies can afford it. There is no need to purchase a large engineering machine like a cinema.

Liying Technology has been intensively working in the projection industry for more than ten years, and has in-depth research in the field of 3D polarized projection. At the same time, it has rich case experience in commercial projection, multi-screen stitching, projection fusion, large-screen display, immersive stage, etc. Liying is grateful to every customer who chooses us, and will do our best to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

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