Five maintenance methods of cold heading machine

September 02 22:38 2021

1. When the loader lifts the brake pedal after braking, all or a few wheels still have braking effect, resulting in the heating of the brake disc and driving weakness, commonly known as “the brake does not return”.Check the connection fastening condition of each part of the brake regularly.

2. The cold header used for a long time, there will be oil, carbon, sediment, rust.The position is very low when the brake pedal is pressed, and then the pedal can gradually increase when the pedal is continuously stepped on the board, but the reaction force is small and the braking effect is not good, indicating that there is air in the brake oil cylinder of the brake tubing or brake, which should be excluded.When stepping down the brake plate, the pressure is normal and the brake pedal is not moving, indicating that the piston of the brake control valve is stuck.

3. Disassemble the brake pedal, repair or replace it.The piston of the cylinder is stuck or the seal ring is damaged, the output brake fluid oil quantity and pressure are reduced.Brake oil pipe rupture or oil pipe leakage, so that the brake fluid oil volume and pressure into the brake cylinder. Check the brake air pressure, eliminate the fault of low brake air pressure, and ensure the value of brake air pressure is between 0.45 and 0.70Mpa.

4. Step down the brake pedal, pedal position is very low, then continue to step on the pedal when the pedal gradually increased, but feel the brake pedal is very weak, braking effect is not good, indicating that there is air in the brake system, should be excluded. The high pressure gas generated by the high speed cold header driven by the engine enters the air storage cylinder after passing through the oil-water separator and the air pressure regulator. When the brake pedal is pressed, the high pressure gas enters the air brake valve from the air storage cylinder, and then enters the air booster pump group. The brake fluid at the other end enters the clamped disc brake of each wheel through the oil pipe and pushes the piston to clamp the brake disc, thus braking the wheel.

5. When the brake pedal is raised, the piston in the gas brake valve cuts off the high-pressure gas channel and makes the gas in the valve communicate with the atmosphere.The booster pump sets back under the action of the spring force, so that the brake oil pressure in the brake line drops, so that the wheel brake is released.

Cold heading machine technology is suitable for iron, copper, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum and other materials for cold heading, cold extrusion forming (forward extrusion, back extrusion and composite extrusion).Can manufacture the size of the inside and outside hexagon screws, flange screws, hollow, solid shaped parts.Automatic cold heading machine is a kind of high efficiency automatic making method with wide performance and various processes.

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