SlidePeak scales up pitch deck design services for startup fundraising

September 18 06:58 2021
Top company SlidePeak specializes in helping startups get funding from investors by handcrafting a powerful fundraising pitch, along with comprehensive guidance on presenting to angel and venture capital investors.

Leading company SlidePeak has ramped up efforts to help startups get funding by creating compelling, persuasive, and tangible pitch deck presentations that drive investors and raise funding in round A. 

“The thing is, raising capital from investors is tedious and time-consuming. Hence, it’s important that a startup or emerging business creates an investor pitch deck presentation by articulating a compelling story,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

SlidePeak specializes in helping startups get funding through pitch deck services tailored to their needs, audience, and niche. 

The company laments that several startup founders make the common mistake of ignoring research. 

“Many feel that research is too costly or that they already know their target markets and audience. However, working with professional researchers can provide them with an unbiased review of the target market and its actual state,” the representative adds. 

SlidePeak says this will not only help veer away from wrong assumptions but will supply them with crucial insights and information. 

“When it comes to pitching, this will make them sound way more professional,” the representative adds.

SlidePeak provides the tools to conduct the thorough research required to fully understand a market and handcraft an impressive pitch deck presentation so they can get funding from investors. 

“The company leads the way in providing pitch deck design and redesigns services across various topics, niches, and audiences,” the representative said.

Startups can choose from SlidePeak’s wide variety of pitch deck types, such as the elevator pitch, where they get to impress their audience with a short but memorable pitch explaining what makes their product or idea unique.

On the other hand, the investor pitch deck helps startups make prospective angel investors or venture-capital funds believe in their company with a convincing presentation.

Meanwhile, for the competition pitch, startups get an edge over their competitors with a winning pitch focused on the value they will create for investors.

Startups can also check out the vision-opportunity pitch deck design, where they get everything they need to create a compelling story about their idea.

They can also turn to team presentations if they want to introduce the professionals working with them, an excellent choice for reinforcing the company’s corporate image. 

The company, composed of experienced pitch deck designers and content experts, leads the charge in providing extensive marketing research as well as review research findings, presentation structure, and content to give feedback on what to correct or improve based on a business model.

SlidePeak also offers a custom pitch deck design creation team 24/7 to answer questions, give clients valuable advice, and comfort them. 

“This service also serves as a great choice for those who already have a pitch deck design that needs to be redesigned, or they’re simply wondering about pitch deck design cost,” the representative said. 

Startups can explore SlidePeak’s most recent examples of pitch deck slides by visiting its website

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