Altitude Syndication Founders’ Club Mentors Top Producing Agents to be Real Estate Syndicators

September 18 07:16 2021
Experienced real estate syndication lawyer and syndicator offers clients his successful playbook.

Tilden Moschetti, CCIM, Esq. is a real estate syndication attorney with the Moschetti Law Group and the founder of Altitude Syndication Founders’ Club, a division of Altitude Syndication Mentor. Moschetti takes his years of experience as a syndicator and syndication attorney and coaches top producing real estate professionals into leveraging the skills and the contacts they already have, combining those assets with the power of syndication and taking their real estate business into an area where there is zero competition, unlimited demand from investors and ability to write their own paycheck.

Unlike real estate brokerage, where a real estate agent receives a commission as a one-time payment, a real estate syndicator gets paid in multiple ways: asset management fees, property management fees, brokerage, loan fees, and waterfalls. Every deal has its own pay structure, depending on the investment itself and what would be marketable to investors.

What exactly is real estate syndication? It is an investment path in real estate, where each property is divided into securities, enabling ownership by multiple investors within a single property unit. Syndication capitalizes on the buying power of multiple investors and, if done the right way, is the fastest way for a real estate professional to build and manage an investment portfolio with little to no investment of their own money.

As a mentor, Altitude guides its clients from the idea stage to finding investors and properties through putting the offerings together and getting them closed.

As a lawyer, Moschetti also helps new syndicators navigate the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) rules. Client’s see the rules for what they actually are: a clearly defined path for building an investment firm in a way that protects their investors. A framework to follow that ensures compliance and investor confidence.Moschetti has found through the real estate professionals he has mentored through to his law clients that the number one thing that stops people from getting started in real estate syndication isn’t lack of knowledge or even confidence. Instead, it’s the overwhelm of having to wear too many hats and do it from day one. When putting together the Altitude Syndication Founders’ Club, he put together the tools and lessons he wished he had when he did his first deal.

Most importantly, though, Moschetti takes pride in being a sounding board for his clients so they can find success for themselves. More information can be found at

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