Exochess Brings Luxury Artisan Chess Boards to the Everyday Home

September 18 07:45 2021
Premium Handcrafted Chess Boards.

What’s the classic chess experience like? For professionals and the average player, it can look like many different things. One can play it on a computer with a real person or AI. Others play at a public park, coffee shop, or a tournament. But the joys of the experience are the same for all who are passionate about the game.

When the pandemic first hit, Rohaan Khan and his business partner Eroslav Georgiev experienced chess like never before.

They were in a villa in Bali enjoying their lifestyle and the scenery of the island. Suddenly, they get hit with COVID-19. They were nervous at first but thankfully it was only mild. What made it difficult was their time in quarantine. Imagine living in paradise and then locking up for weeks in- between four walls.

The unbearable boredom made life difficult but it also sparked something new. They found a plain chessboard and began to re-live their love for the game.

At first, they wanted to pass the time but they remembered how amazing it is to play with friends, stretch the mind, and learn a game filled with rich history and strategies. Like most people who love chess, they want the best experience possible.

Rohaan and Eroslav later looked for better boards that fully expressed what they loved about the game. They wanted themes, specific materials, and a luxury board that they could enjoy and share with others.

It was hard to find what they wanted at a great price. Artisan boards with popular themes aren’t available in the market for the average person at the right price.

They decided to fix the problem themselves with www.exochess.com.

The premium boards and pieces are made with high-quality materials such as high-density board veneers and polymer resin for the chess pieces. It’s designed exclusively by their team of artisans and silversmiths.

For under $200, customers can get a premium handcrafted 3D terrain chess set, Roman Empire-themed set, an Ancient Egypt-themed set, and more. These chess boards are the perfect products for chess enthusiasts, gifts, and coffee table decorations.

Luxury chess boards can cost thousands and having a brand that can provide them at an affordable cost (and great quality) makes them accessible to more people.

With Chess’ proven benefits for mental agility, relationship-building, and more, Rohaan’s mission to put a chessboard in every home will impact people around the world.

In a time when so many people felt hopeless, Rohaan and Eroslav created something to inspire and bring joy into homes all over the world.

And it started with a chessboard.

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