LA Port Crisis Rises, CDL 1000 Provides Solutions

September 23 01:01 2021
Predicted massive congestion leading into the holiday season, CDL 1000 creates solutions to the growing demand of capacity at the LA port.

There has been a supply-chain crisis off the coast of Southern California for many months, with massive freighters waiting for space to open up at the dock. With great demand, and COVID-19 Delta Variant safety protocols, have created turmoil at the ports. The situation with delays of entering the ports is causing a continuously growing backlog of ships waiting to enter the west-coast ports. Leading to further delays with unloading goods.

The Los Angeles port data, this past August, shows that 90% of vessels are heading straight to anchor. Shipping vessels at the Los Angeles port join a queue now averaging 7.8 days of anchor time when importing into the U.S. This past Friday, there was a count of 41 ships off the coast waiting to enter.

With container rates being volatile this year due to logistics-related delays and the surge of the Covid-19 Delta Variant since May, a lack of equipment and higher global freight rates continue to rise. Around the world, there are lower staffing levels at warehouses causing further delays in returning empty containers to the designated ports once they have been unloaded.

Due to this, there are fewer empty containers in circulation, with demand far higher than supply during the first half of the year, and this means the rates are over 11 times the levels seen the previous year. As cargo delays and long waits for berth space continue at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, concerns surrounding inventory for the holiday season have emerged causing massive disruption on up to $90 billion worth of goods if congestion continues into October.

With some shipping vessels waiting off the coast for weeks now, pushing back all delivery dates and driving up the cost of transportation. While these delays continue to increase, now there is worsening of the logistic industry’s plaque—the need for OTR drivers. These ships carry millions of dollars worth of popular imports, including furniture, auto parts, clothes, electronics, and plastics that need to get from point A to point B. It is a tough life over the road, and with COVID-19 and the lay-off of drivers collecting stimulus checks, it has been found that drivers either pursued different careers or have not returned to the road. While this is currently the case, there has been a massive increase in online ordering from the pandemic that has sent demand for delivery truck drivers through the roof.

CDL 1000 provides expedited services for all over the road needs to be delivered to a customers’ dock within 3-4 business days and real-time tracking. With loading assigned containers onto a flatbed or step deck and is delivered directly to their destination. After completing the delivery, the empty containers will be lifted onto a chassis and returned to the nearest rail for termination. CDL 1000 expedited premium service saves time, money, and gives customer success with access to capacity.

Rethink the supply chain and plan for future success with CDL 1000, Inc. It’s impossible to mitigate what wasn’t seen coming, but they are providing solutions. Along with a modernized approach with continuous always-on technology monitoring containers and real-time driver tracking. CDL 1000 A.I. (augmented intelligence) is on the rise to make lives smoother, with deep visibility required to prevent disruptions, secure the supply chain and ensure operations resilience.

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