Latin Artist Br@vo Billions is Ready to Drop His Latest Track, “Mezcla”, a Song Based on Toxic Love

September 22 21:19 2021

Br@vo Billions is ready with his latest single, “Mezcla” – a track that talks about a toxic and manipulative lover. The track focuses on the sad and unfortunate reality that men tend to get toxic and cause heartache. Slated to release on 29th September across all the major platforms, “Mezcla” is inspired by Br@vo’s own experiences in life. 

Br@vo’s latest single “Mezcla” has a unique sound and rhythm that complement the heartfelt lyrics. According to Br@vo, this song captures the old version of him that captivated his lover with charm, convincing her of having a beautiful eternity together. Old version of him had the girl in his grasp while doing what he wanted to. 

“Mezcla is a comparison of my toxic love to the bittersweet taste of a mix of fruit that has a sweet side as well as a sour side. This song is close to my heart as it speaks about my past relationships and newfound love for music”, said Br@vo Billions. 

Br@vo as an artist is hugely inspired by his surroundings and proud Puerto Rican culture. As a kid, he had multiple hobbies and kept switching between different activities. His interest in music began when he was in kindergarten and was a part school choir. At the tender age of 13, Br@vo picked up the guitar and created his own melodies and started writing his own music. His knack for innovation came into play when in 2015 he started experimenting with music to create something that no one has ever heard before. 

By 2020, Br@vo has made a splash in the Latin music scene with his unique style of music. Influenced by UK and New York drill, and his love for guitar and Latin beats, Br@vo soon started creating music that was capturing the imagination of the listeners. For his unique sound and style, he soon got labeled as trapical (trap beats combined with Latin guitar and sounds).

Slated to release on 29th September across all the major platforms, “Mezcla” promises to be a treat for all music lovers.

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