Entrepreneur Quadree Drakeford is challenging young men and women to rise “Above the EDGE” with a life changing leadership Development Program

September 23 01:37 2021

Quadree Drakeford, commonly called “Coach Q”, is the founding member of Above the EDGE, a non-profit at the forefront of leadership development. Coach Q began his entrepreneurial journey around the age of 10; he began washing cars at a car dealership for extra money. As he continued his journey, Coach Q began to excel at basketball, playing for the number one high school in the country alongside Tracy McGrady landing him a Division I offer to Grambling State University where he went on to play and graduate with a degree in Business Administration with an Entrepreneurship focus. Playing basketball at an elite level taught Coach Q discipline, focus, keeping composure and a strong work ethic which he now is able to translate into his everyday life as an entrepreneur. These skills, along with a natural prowess for business, allowed Q to create the “Above the EDGE” program that has changed the lives of many young men and women.

Celebrating nearly 15 years of empowerment. Above the EDGE is a nonprofit youth development program in Minnesota that aids young men and women in developing leadership skills. Through immersive activities and open communication, Above the EDGE is now at the forefront of youth leadership and personal growth training. EDGE, an acronym for excel, dreams, goals, and education, surpasses expectations in making sure to invest in students’ interests while teaching them interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills that help them navigate in both the business and social worlds.

Believing that being an entrepreneur is a way to monetize natural gifts given to a person, Coach Q has expressed his passion to develop leaders and prevent them from making some of the same mistakes he did early in his journey to six figures. After making his half a million in business, Coach Q understands why having a mentor is important and is actively creating a path to success that will allow younger people to create their best life at a much younger age. Knowing that being a good entrepreneur means being a great employee, Coach Q is now training young minds to master the fundamentals of teamwork, hard work and ambition.

In addition to mentoring the youth of America, Quadree is now beginning to expand his business into mentoring entrepreneurs, starting with his first Ebook, “The 7 Worst Things Good Entrepreneurs Do”, which will be available on November 1st, 2021. This new endeavor will allow Coach Q to mentor adult entrepreneurs at a national level, teaching them the fundamentals of leadership, personal growth, communication, and investing.


Above the edge inspires, educates and guides youth by engaging them in experiences that enhance their self-empowerment and provide them with vital support as they develop both deep purpose and a healthy passion for life.

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