The Wunder Company unveils interactive augmented reality toys where play meets learning

October 14 05:43 2021
The Wunder Company aims to change playtime forever by bringing augmented reality toys that help children hone their thinking skills and give them a thirst for adventure and a passion for learning.

The Wunder Company has unveiled innovative and revolutionary augmented reality toys that are interactive, fun, and help children learn about the world. 

“Each child’s brain has a unique way of grasping a thought or processing information. Interactive AR toys can support them to understand these data and concepts at their comfort level and retain it for long. That’s where The Wunder Company comes into the picture,” says company representative Sami Khan.

With the help of a tablet or mobile device, augmented reality has turned playtime into a 3D experience. Interactive and immersive activities have been shown to increase focus, retention, and spatial awareness. 

Khan says AR educational toys also help children hone their thinking skills, encourage higher reading comprehension and vocabulary development, and serve as a fun way for children to explore the world around them and develop their motor skills.

One of The Wunder Company’s latest offerings, “The Golden Rule: A Duggin Adventure,” brings one of the most important virtues to life through augmented reality. 

“The Golden Rule: A Duggin Adventure” provides an immersive storytelling experience for children, complete with interactive animations, fun music, narrations, and more while learning about the importance of treating others with kindness and love. 

“Our young readers love the interactive animations, fun music, and narrations, and parents love the opportunity to teach children a story of kindness and compassion,” says Khan. 

Users simply need to download the app from the App Store or Play Store (The Golden Rule by The Wunder Company), point the camera device at The Golden Rule book, and watch Duggin and his friends come to life. It is best enjoyed with an iPad, Android tablet, or mobile device.


In a review, Chandler M. said he bought the book as a gift for his nephew, who loves cell phones, iPads, and Nintendo.  

“I thought this would be a great way for him to get into reading books, and it worked! He has read through it at least ten times the weekend we were there. My sister says he wants to read it every night,” Chandler wrote. 

On the other hand, Samreen said it was the first interactive book she bought for her children. She reads the story to them or lets them listen to the story through the iPad using the app. 

“The app has interactive components and wonderful responsive audio to read the story. The best part is that my 4 and 5 years old can navigate it by themselves. They both enjoyed Duggin’s adventure, and the story is very sweet and easy to comprehend for all ages,” Samreen wrote in a separate review.

The Wunder Company also offers augmented reality puzzles, which enable children to interact with fun Safari animals, allowing for a fun new way to combine physical play, digital play, and learning.

The Wunder puzzles take children on a Safari adventure where they learn interesting facts and interact with animals through exciting animations. The interactive puzzles enable children to scan the puzzles onto the Wunder app and magically make them come to life on screen.

Those looking for the perfect Christmas gift may visit The Wunder Company for the entire list of AR toys available as gifts for kids. They can also subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. 

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