The Moses of the Pentateuch is the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation, New Book Argues

October 20 13:04 2021
Book sheds new light on the controversial Book of Revelation by providing evidence that the false prophet mentioned in the ancient letter is the Moses of the Pentateuch.

A new book titled “When the Thunders Speak: Unmasking the 666” argues that the biblical figure of Moses, as pictured in the Pentateuch, is the false prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelation. According to the new book, the main evidence that supports this argument lies in the straightforward meaning of the number 666, along with the symbolism used by the author of the ancient letter to describe the mysterious figure, who is also known as the antichrist or the second beast.

“The Moses of the true Jews was never the nefarious Moses of the Pentateuch, which was a wicked creation that added cruel instructions, idolatrous rituals, and hundreds of superficial customs and laws,” writes the author of the book, Melvin Paredes-Forzani. The new book argues that Revelation was written in a time when religious intolerance was the norm, and the laws of the Pentateuch had the power to destroy or alter the teachings of Jesus since they clearly stated that anyone who spoke against the Law of Moses should be put to death by stoning. Such circumstances forced the author of the ancient letter to disguise its message in a way that it could survive throughout the years until it could be disclosed openly, explains Paredes-Forzani.

For almost two thousand years, the words of the Book of Revelation have intrigued not only the general public but also a large number of scholars in the fields of history, theology and philosophy; but “When the Thunders Speak” sheds new light on the subject and seeks to restore the original meaning of the ancient writing, says the author.

The new book states that the teachings of Jesus were in clear opposition to many of the stories and decrees of the Pentateuch, but the early Christians, and Jesus himself, had to use parables, allegories and symbolism to hide their views in an attempt to avoid the frequent religious persecutions of the first century. According to the new book, there is enough evidence to settle the debate, but “many will try to cling to the ancient traditions and will argue that the Pentateuch was inspired by God. This is so because the worldly perspective of man paints those stories in a way that makes them seem like glorious events that elevate the pride to inconceivable heights,” writes Paredes-Forzani. The author adds that “blind faith is just spiritual blindness, and what appear to be an unbreakable determination to support empty doctrines is merely our own fear of being wrong.”

The new book “When the Thunders Speak: Unmasking the 666” is available at Amazon in English and Spanish.

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