ReThink Ice Cream Launches Second Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

October 20 13:13 2021
ReThink Ice Cream Launches Second Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Napa Valley, Calif. – October 19, 2021 – After securing over $150k in investments on a previous raise, ReThink Ice Cream, maker of digestion-friendly dairy ice cream that is low in sugar and rich in flavor and texture, has just launched it’s second equity crowdfunding campaign, this time on the Republic platform. The successful West Coast-based business is looking to increase retailers and expand into the US Southwest, in particular Las Vegas, Arizona, and Texas.

The idea for ReThink Ice Cream came about when founder and CEO, George Haymaker III, was in recovery from addiction to alcohol and pain pills. Ice cream became a comfort, and a substitute for the sugar found in alcohol. But he soon realized that the amount of sugar he was consuming was harmful to his health, and the dairy in the ice cream was hard to digest. “I realized I was transferring addictions, and had to do something about it.” Trying all of the “healthier” ice creams on the market didn’t offer anywhere near the same satisfaction as traditional ice cream, however he learned a good deal about food science along the way, and worked with experts to formulate a new kind of ice cream. He named the product ReThink Ice Cream to evoke his healthier approach to life as well as a reimagined dessert.

ReThink Ice Cream is sweetened primarily with a touch of organic agave nectar and does not contain sugar alcohol like Erythritol or Xylitol – ingredients that cause nausea for many people. Agave works best because of it’s low glycemic index, which results in an ice cream that has has two-thirds less sugar than traditional varieties, making it an attractive option for the 115 million Americans who are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Another way ReThink Ice Cream differs from others in the better-for-you category is the fact that it is real dairy ice cream that is tummy-friendly. About 80 million Americans have trouble digesting traditional dairy products. Most assume the cause is lactose intolerance, but for many, the culprit is actually the A1 casein protein, which became prevalent in dairy cows around thirty years ago, and can be difficult to digest. So Rethink includes certified humane dairy from cows that do not have the A1 protein chain, thereby removing a major cause of discomfort. That A2/A2 dairy is then made lactose-free, removing the other major source of digestive issues. 

Lastly, ReThink Ice Cream’s all-natural ingredients include prebiotic fiber, whey protein isolate, and marine collagen, which improves skin elasticity, boosts metabolism, and is good for joints, bones and teeth. It is also 100 percent gluten-free.

“A key to finding serenity in recovery involves finding ways to help others, give back to communities, and become more harmonious with the world around us,” says Haymaker. “It is this pursuit that will be my driving force for the rest of my life. I hope for ReThink to be the engine that allows me to help others on a larger scale than I otherwise would be able.”

For more information, visit ReThink’s page here.

About ReThink Ice Cream: 

Seeking to balance a healthy lifestyle with enjoyment of the great taste and texture of authentic, all-natural ice cream, ReThink takes an innovative approach to making ice cream as healthy as possible for everyone. Available in ten flavors, ReThink Ice Cream is made with a digestive-friendly form of dairy and contains two-thirds less sugar than conventional ice cream.

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