Hoof Physics: A self-published book by Nadine Caban

October 20 13:25 2021
Hoof Physics: A self-published book by Nadine Caban

Every once in a while, a scientist, doctor, or engineer raises a question about age-old practices and exposes the emperor’s new clothes.

The same happened in the field of hoof treatment of horses when German Hoof Orthopedist Nadine Caban pointed out that conventional hoof trimming is not the ultimate treatment for hooves. It might cause harm to the horse’s hooves.

When Nadine’s horse suffered from chronic laminitis, she discovered that she had blindly accepted old fashioned hoof trimming as the right treatment method. It made her question the traditional approach and opened doors to a new methodology which saved her horse’s life. She found out that the wrong hoof trimming can have a negative impact on hoof morphology and that Preventive Hoof Care is a much better solution to problems like Laminitis, Canker, Club Foot, Thrush, White Line Disease etc.

However, Preventive Hoof Care is only possible when you understand hoof physics first. Since there wasn’t much literature on the topic available, Nadine took it upon herself to spread the awareness of hoof physics and amiable hoof treatment for horses.

Her book ‘Hoof Physics’ is a valuable contribution to the field of hoof treatment and animal care because it presents examples from hundreds of cases that Nadine Caban handled over the years and treated successfully with her preventive hoof care techniques.

Horse trainers, vets, and anyone who keeps horses or is related to horse care must get a copy of this book. It has saved hundreds of horse lives, and it might save the life of your horse too.

Hoof Physics is self-published book by Nadine Caban.

ISBN: 9781914264245

Published: September 10, 2021

Available Online At: https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/108799411X/

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