Following the successful presales, Cubed Creatures is gearing towards the first public auction in December

December 02 17:28 2021
Cubed Creatures is an NFT Collection of 250 Terrifying Creatures. Cubed Creatures is now exiting the presales stage and is now organizing the very first public auction. During the presales, all the creatures were minted.

USA – Introducing the future of horror films as Cubed Creatures. This horror NFT collection of 250 fearsome creatures allows the owners to become a part of horror history. These horror NFT creatures are based on some of the most terrifying and spine-chilling urban legends and folklore. Now, these creatures live in the Ethereum Blockchain. After quickly running out of the NFT’s during presales, Cubed Creatures is now moving towards the first public auction in December 2021.

For those who missed the opportunity to mint a Cubed Creature during the presale, the public auction can be an excellent event. The attendees can mint this NFT collection during the public auction that is set to take place in December. The NFTs will come in the form of a 3D collectible comic book along with the information of the creature. What’s even more interesting is that each creature has its own cinematic theme song.

Cubed Creatures also offers a number of incentives to the minters. One of the unique selling points that Cubed Creatures offers is providing two 1of1 NFT’s. One of them is a “Comic Book NFT”, which is the collectible comic book attached to the creature. The other NFT that the minters receive is the “Theme Song NFT”, which is the unique theme song attached to the creature.

In an interview, one of the spokespeople at Cubed Creatures said: “The Creatures stories will all be connected through the CreatureVerse, which includes some of your favorite Urban Legends, such as La Llorona, Bloody Mary, Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, Shadow People & More, whose stories will be told in 250 Twelve Page Individual Comic Books.

About Cubed Creatures:

Cubed Creatures is a horror NFT collectibles company. These NFTs are based on some of the most horror and creepy creatures told in folklore and urban legends. Some of these monsters include Hellhounds, La Llorona, Bloody Mary, Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, Man-eating Bear, and more.

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