Kingdom of Tyra: Cutting-edge classic-style action RPG set in medieval times.

January 12 17:48 2022

Kingdom of Tyra by Legion Dragons is a classic yet novel action RPG PC game that assures hours of fun and thrill.

South Africa-based gaming studio, Legion Dragons, has recently introduced a state-of-the-art action RPG on Kickstarter, packed with thrilling features at every level. Titled “Kingdom of Tyra”, the game is set in medieval times where the player has to don the role of a brave knight set on the battle of good versus evil.

“We are excited to bring you Kingdom of Tyra this New Year. Even since we had started planning for the game, we knew we had to bring you something that you will love to play again. We have been working tirelessly to assure that Kingdom of Tyra becomes the nest of action RPGs you would ever play on PC. Bustling with a bucket of great features, the game assures thrill and adventure at every other corner”, stated the leading spokesperson from Legion Dragons.

Kingdom of Tyra starts with the player setting out on the quest to find the brave knight Eric who had been out on the mission to protect Tyra from the claws of Lord Zegrath. Thousands of years ago, Lord Zegrath had attacked Tyra with his evil demons but the Royal Knights of the Kingdom were able to send him into the underworld with the help of legendary wizard Merlin. However, Lord Zegrath managed to escape and was hell-bound to take revenge by destroying Tyra. He had also been looking for the Book of Darkness so he can destroy all good. 

Eric, the braveheart knight, took it upon himself to hide the Book of Darkness. But while Eric has set out on his mission to hide the book he has not returned yet. Thus, the Royal Knights have assembled to find another courageous soul (the player) who will take up the  mission to find Eric with the help of a squad of noble knights. 

The player will be able to choose from 5 extremely powerful characters –

  • Warrior
  • Sorcerer
  • Priest
  • Cultist
  • Necromancer

Kingdom of Tyra stands out with a bunch of cutting-edge features:

  • Interactive dialogue
  • Unique talent tree for each class (characters)
  • Spell system
  • Weapon upgrade
  • Gear sets
  • Crafting recipes
  • Resource gathering
  • Faction system
  • Weapon enchanting
  • Shapeshifting
  • and more

“At Legion Dragons, we are looking forward to redefining the way gamers are playing games. We are focusing on a classic style of games that all earlier players fell in love with and Kingdom of Tyra will make you fall for the classic style all over again. But, such a high-tech game demands robust financial backup and hence the Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the game to life and scale up the PC gaming world to newer heights.”

To show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

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