FlipHTML5 Online Yearbook Maker Is Built for Modern Yearbooks

April 07 09:14 2022
FlipHTML5 Online Yearbook Maker Is Built for Modern Yearbooks
Convert photos into digital yearbooks
Yearbooks help to preserve the memories of people’s school years. FlipHTML5’s online yearbook maker produces modern digital versions of yearbooks that are easy to share.

Yearbooks have long been used to help people preserve the memories of their school years. Ordinarily, they are printed books with pictures, brief biographies of students and staff, and information about the institution. In an increasingly digital environment though, people are opting for online versions of yearbooks. There’s a simple way to bring yearbooks into the future. FlipHTML5’s online yearbook maker is the ideal tool for upgrading traditional yearbooks to modern, stylish digital ones.

The online yearbook maker from FlipHTML5 creates dynamic, interactive yearbooks from static PDFs. Users can quickly upload their yearbook PDF to FlipHTML5 and it will be automatically converted to web-friendly HTML5 format with page-flipping effects. It’s like a traditional yearbook, but with more features. There are plenty of templates, themes, and backgrounds to customize the look of the yearbook. And users can customize the book’s toolbar as well, adding a clickable table of contents, thumbnails, and a search function for easy navigation.

While printed yearbooks are limited to text and images, FlipHTML5’s online yearbook maker allows the addition of audio, videos, gifs, animations, forms, and hyperlinks to the yearbook. This means more memories can be included in various forms. The regular biographies, favorite quotes, and other features can be transformed into vibrant experiences that can be relived each time one views the yearbook. Hyperlinks to relevant pages will make viewers more likely to visit them since a single click will take them there.

This online yearbook maker also removes the cost of printing and distributing yearbooks while helping to preserve the environment. The finished yearbook can be uploaded to FlipHTML5’s cloud for free storage and web hosting. Students can view the yearbook there or it can be shared with them via email and social media using the unique URL. There’s an embed code that can be used to embed the yearbook on websites like the institution’s site. FlipHTML5 also offers SEO features so alumni can quickly find the yearbook using search engines.

“We all have memories of our time in school,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. “The online yearbook maker from FlipHTML5 helps us treasure these memories in a modern way.”

More information about the online yearbook maker is available on FlipHTML5.

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