New Book, ‘Tristan Finds His…Voice,’ Reveals Rare Insight into Childhood Apraxia of Speech

April 07 20:39 2022
A heartwarming book based on a true story that raises awareness about childhood speech disorders

Jocelyn Stargell-Zachery, a U.S based mother and author, announced today the release of her book entitled Tristan Finds His…Voice. The author announced the book release right in time for Childhood Apraxia Awareness Month which will be coming up in the month of May. Hopefully, this will encourage people to read the book and identify with the struggles of kids living with the disorder.

The book was written based on the true story of the author’s son, who was diagnosed with apraxia of speech (CAS). The book’s sole purpose is to raise awareness about neurological speech disorders and also to put an end to the stigmatization of children struggling with the disorder. According to CAS affects 1 out of 1,000 children and the only known treatment at this time is speech therapy. 

“As a parent, it’s excruciatingly painful seeing your little one battle with a medical diagnosis that makes it difficult for your child to communicate with other kids,” Jocelyn Stargell-Zachery said. “It is important for kids and parents to be aware of this disorder and other medical problems faced by children. This makes them more empathetic to children struggling with the aforementioned disorder. Parents need to educate their kids to be kind to other kids and adults who may seem to behave differently from everyone else. Everyone is fighting a battle, the least we can do is be kind.”

So far, the book has garnered a lot of positive reviews. “The impact that this book has had so far warms my heart and the goal is to keep doing that,” Jocelyn Stargell-Zachery said. “This is a book about a caring mother and her son with a disability and the encouragement he receives from her and his accomplishments to succeed now and in the future. I give this book an excellent rating,” said an Amazon reviewer.

It takes patience and hard work to achieve progress with children. Being educated about learning differences starts at home and the earlier we teach children about them, the more inclusive environment we create for our children in the future. For this reason, the book was written for kids between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. This is what another Amazon reviewer had to say about the book, “One of my sons favourite books, he is 3 and diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. Thank you for making a book that helps him feel a little more included in this world,” Ashley Miller from Canada said.

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