MagPac: The Modular Magnetic Organizing Bag Series Launches Kickstarter Campaign

April 08 04:06 2022
MagPac’s interchangeable & versatile magnetic modules allow you to customize your bag compartments and organize things like never before. The project is now looking for backers and is launching a Kickstarter campaign.

United States – LHiDS, a US-based venture, has come out with an innovative modular magnetic organizing bag series called MagPac that is set to thrill the customer with its multi-purpose design and features. LHiDS takes pride in its flagship product that allows you to customize and rearrange the inner compartments of your bag using its modular magnetic organizers for multiple needs. LHiDS team has launched a Kickstarter campaign with exclusive rewards, as it looks to find supporters for its innovative project.

“We often buy bags for specific purposes like traveling, hanging out, daily commute, client meetings, etc. You will end up having tons of bags at home, which you might only use once or twice. That’s why we created MagPac,” says a spokesperson from LHiDS. “If functionality is what you are looking for, you’ll love our multipurpose bags. LHiDS is always pursuing the greatest solution for modular organizing.”

MagPac is based on a novel idea and is packed with numerous features. The highlight of MagPac is that the modular magnetic organizers make each bag multi-functional. They are customizable, rearrangeable, and interchangeable to fit your organizing style and packing needs. This means by changing its inner modular organizers, hence its compartment, a laptop sleeve can be more than just a laptop sleeve, it can even become a shoulder bag, a hand carry-bag, and more according to your needs.

Magnetic modules are universal and compact. They’re not limited to organizing the MagPac bag series but also double as dividers and organizers for almost all other bags. They will firmly hold things in place during movement, yet keep them easily accessible at a glance.

“The secret to our customizable and interchangeable bag is the versatile magnetic modules,” explains the spokesperson from the company. “There are 6 modules categorized into three types: Mesh modules, Band modules, and card organizers with multiple Slots. They are ready-to-go and space-saving, which will make your luggage packing and organizing so much easier.”

The team at LHiDS has done extensive research and development before designing this flagship product. MagPac is a truly durable and versatile product that is specially designed to transform the average bag into a next-generation multi-utility bag.

To support this project, head over to the Kickstarter Campaign page located on the web at:

Supporters from any country can become a part of this project by making generous pledges and donations. The Kickstarter campaign has been started with a goal to raise a sum of $5,000. The creators of this project are offering several exciting rewards for the backers. More details about the product and rewards are available on the Kickstarter page of the project.

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The brand name LHiDS is an acronym that originates from “Love Hidden in Details”. At LHiDS, they believe good design is devised by treating every detail with care, and their passion lies in designing projects that optimize your life in clever ways. The team has years of experience in design, and they have collaborated with other million-dollar crowdfunding projects in the past years.

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