Tree Service Grass Valley Launches New Website

April 09 05:55 2022

Grass Valley, California – To ensure homeowners can order tree maintenance procedures without any hassles, Tree Service Grass Valley has made its tree services accessible online. Announcing the launch of the new company website, the company’s CEO noted that homeowners in Grass Valley and neighborhoods like Gold Run, Magra, Colfax, Shady Glen, Nevada City, and Alta Sierra will no longer have to visit the company’s physical offices to book tree maintenance procedures. 

“In 2021,” said the Tree Service Grass Valley CEO, “the percentage of California households with internet access exceeded 91%. This means today, 9 out of 10 homes in Grass Valley have access to the internet. With almost everyone having the ability to go online and seek what he/she wants, the company had to make its services available on the internet.” 

According to the Tree Service Grass Valley CEO, the company had already received numerous complaints from commercial and residential property owners who felt frustrated that they could not access the company’s services while relaxing at home. 

“One of the company’s long-term clients – Mr. Jack Richardson,” said the CEO, “called the office about a month ago to ask why the company still hadn’t launched a website. The homeowner noted that he had recommended Tree Service Grass Valley to one of his neighbors. However, when the neighbor searched online, he could not find a website that could help him understand – or order – the company’s services.”

To see all the services offered by Tree Service Grass Valley, visit the company’s new website today:

“The company had to ask for the directions to Jack Richardson’s neighbor,” added the CEO. “This was the only way the company could ensure he understood how Tree Service Grass Valley operates without him having to drive to the company’s offices. If the company had a website back then, this could have saved the team of tree cutting professionals in Grass Valley a lot of time.” 

The CEO told a group of reporters that the new website allows homeowners to not only understand the services offered by Tree Service Grass Valley but also request a free instant tree service cost estimate. 

“With the new website,” said the CEO, “getting a tree service cost estimate is as simple as filling out your first and last names, selecting the tree maintenance service you need, adding your location, and including your contact details.”

The CEO noted that a large number of homeowners feel they have to know the cost of a tree maintenance procedure before they can hire a tree service company. With access to a way to get a free cost estimate remotely, homeowners will no longer have to worry about tree service costs.

“The company’s emergency tree service was also a major reason why the company invested in a website,” said the Tree Service Grass Valley CEO. “A homeowner may go to sleep knowing all his trees are 100% safe. However, a lightning strike, a storm, or another accident could turn one – or several – of his trees into ticking time bombs that are threatening to cause damage worth thousands of dollars. For such a homeowner, immediate help is necessary.” 

According to the CEO, the new website will be giving homeowners an easy way to contact the company when trees turn into immediate risks. 

“The company offers emergency services on a 24/7 basis,” said the CEO. “However, instead of having to visit the company’s offices in the middle of the night to request the emergency tree service, all homeowners will have to do is open the website, pick out the company’s phone number, and call the offices. The company’s emergency response team will be on their doorstep in less than one hour.” 

Tree Service Grass Valley notes that it will still be scheduling tree maintenance services requested via the new website from its base of operation located at 206 W Main St, Grass Valley, CA 95945. Tree owners, however, can contact the company via 916-347-5641 and [email protected]

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