Shawn Fair Identifies Another Powerhouse Speaker, Teri Donelson, to the Leadership Experience Tour

April 11 14:52 2022
Shawn Fair Identifies Another Powerhouse Speaker, Teri Donelson, to the Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour has worked tirelessly to bring on stage some of the most dynamic speakers in the country. One of them is Terí Donelson, the founder of Purpose Chasing Academy, who works with those unclear about their passions and current position. Her team guides them to find, define and turn their purpose into a thriving business while living a successful life. 

Terí Donelson is a keynote speaker, a highly regarded coach, and a facilitator. She is a founder and currently the Chief Operating Officer for the highly popular and industry-leading fitness brand Xtreme Hip Hop.

Terí’s background and experience allows her to relate to those overcoming fear and help them pivot into their purpose, specifically in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness industry. Her healthy lifestyle has motivated many and her academy has inspired and empowered women and men to pursue their professional passion and move beyond their dreams.

“I have not only created a million-dollar business in the health, wellness, and fitness industry but I still work and thrive in this industry that men dominate,” says the highly regarded coach.

“My desire is to help women to understand that no matter where you come from, it doesn’t even matter where you are right now, you can start walking in your purpose and live a happy life. I grew up in a community where being overweight was normal. It wasn’t until I had my own children; and then watched my mother suffer from the effects of obesity and eventually die at the very young age of 65 that I knew I had to do better for my kids,” says Teri. 

In 2012, she was diagnosed as morbidly obese; at that point, nearly 300 lbs and 5’3, she started living a healthy lifestyle. That was a pivotal point in her life where her desire to become healthy led her to her authentic assignment of helping others realize their purpose in the wellness, fitness, and health industry. 

Teri Donelson is on a mission to help as many women as possible. She hopes to give them a roadmap to success and help them find their passion and purpose in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. “I realized I spent many years guiding only one person when my purpose was to guide and provide a roadmap to push other women like me, who were spending all their time just being good at stuff instead of being great working in their purpose,” says the passionate CEO of  Xtreme Hip Hop.

In five years, Teri envisions herself being a five-time best-selling author, being a highly sought after international speaker, serving over 3,000 women, creating a summit that will bring women together to learn and network, and finally expanding her merchandise brand to include various items that will encourage women to live in their purpose and love their bodies. 

To know more about Terí Donelson, you can visit her website.

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