Scaling Leaders: How Leadership-Based Sales Can Help Scale Businesses

April 12 22:40 2022
Sales Leader and Influencer Giovanni Dell’Aversano shares the leadership-based sales technique that helped him close off deals and provide the best outcomes for clients.

In the past, salespeople have earned the reputation of being aggressive, pushy, and doing basically everything they can just to close a deal – even if it is not exactly in the client’s best interest. While this kind of approach still exists today, the reality is that sales is not what it used to be. People are no longer receptive to cold calls and pushy salespeople. This style may still work, but it is not sustainable nor the most effective. Instead, those who are thriving in their sales careers have been doing the exact opposite by practicing what is now called leadership-based sales.

As a leading figure and influencer in high ticket sales, Giovanni Dell’Aversano uses leadership tactics to close off big deals and is always quick to pay it forward. By starting Scaling Leaders, Giovanni instructs students on his leadership-based sales technique to not only close off deals but to figure out what is best for clients and their respective businesses.

According to Giovanni, “Closing the deal should be your second focused outcome. The first should be doing what’s best for that prospect, which is where our method comes in.” Instead of delivering the perfect pitch and sounding “salesy,” a leadership-based salesperson engages in normal dialogue, coaches clients on what they need to do, and leads them through self-fear and resistance at the end of an offer.

With the efforts of the brilliant minds behind Scaling Leaders, positive changes are taking place at scale. Ambitious entrepreneurs can learn a lot from their team, both in terms of getting things done despite all the roadblocks and in terms of personal branding for credibility and awareness of impact. There is no time like the present to turn a passion into a cause that will change the world for the better. “We are the sum of the influence and impact that we have, in our lives, on others,” says Giovanni.

The expertise of Scaling Leaders lies in creating ethical selling frameworks that eliminate awkwardness and sales pressure, as well as building a team of A-Players that delivers consistency and predictability for the business. They help their clients master leadership-driven sales, recruit and hire A-Players, and set up systems to personally remove themselves from sales. Most Scaling Leaders clients start saving at least one “lost” deal per week within the first 30-60 days.

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Scaling Leaders is a company founded by Giovanni Dell’Aversano, a Sales Leader & Influencer in High Ticket Sales. They help business owners and entrepreneurs become better salespeople through leadership-based sales techniques so they can successfully scale their business.

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