Use JASMINER’s new X4-Q to mine ETC profitably

April 12 22:58 2022

Ethereum Classic (ETC) surged 10% to $43.24 in the 24 hours leading up to Thursday night, April 7. Today, when we explore why Ethereum Classic is more dazzling than Bitcoin, we can find the answer through the value prospect of Ethereum Classic itself and the current market value.

Ethereum Classic, which inherited Ethereum’s original blockchain after the 2016 hard fork, has soared alongside the larger cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Ethereum gained 1.7% over the 24-hour period, while Bitcoin gained 0.6% over the same period. ETC, the 28th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, surged 26.6% to $1.28 billion in 24-hour trading volume. Ethereum Classic is still trending on CoinMarketCap as of April 8. ETC has been rising in the past as investors see it as a cheaper ethereum project.

In addition to the rising market value, the hash rate of ETC is also surging. According to BitInfoCharts, Ethereum Classic’s hash rate — a measure of the computing power the proof-of-work cryptocurrency network uses to process transactions — surged 20.4% from 22.93 Thash/s to 27.60 Thash/s.

This is due to the Ethereum Foundation’s plan to migrate the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to Proof-of-Stake consensus in the second quarter, which clearly benefits Ethereum Classic as the latter says it is “capable” of absorbing most of the abandoned Ethash rate.

Now, Ethereum Classic mining with long-term added value and stable income is not only what ETC players are keen to see, but also attracts the attention of ETH miners. According to the current growth rate of ETC and the trend of the market this year, it is most suitable to use professional ASIC mining rigs to mine. ASIC mining rigs use integrated circuits as the core of computing power, and integrate specific encryption algorithms into the chips, thereby greatly improving computing efficiency. For ETC, the mining difficulty is very simple compared to other currencies, and most of the current ASIC miners are mining profitably in the Ethereum Classic network.

Taking advantage of the fact that mining can still be used to profit from ETC, the author suggests that miners must choose high-yield mining rigs when deploying. At present, the most powerful and cost-effective product on the market is undoubtedly the new product JASMINER launched this month – JAMINER X4-Q, with a hash rate of 1040MH/s±10% and a power consumption of 480W±10%. Currently, X4-Q can produce 0.00080802 ETC per M per day, and when the currency price is $43.24, it can produce about $36.34 per day. When the electricity fee is set at USD 0.047/kWh, the daily electricity consumption of X4-Q is only 11.52 kWh, so the electricity cost per day is USD 0.54. In summary, the daily net profit of mining ETC with JASMINER X4-Q can reach $35.8.

In addition to high hash rate and high income, JASMINER X4-Q also solves the problems of high power consumption and serious noise of traditional mining rigs. JASMINER X4-Q adopts a new dual-fan design with heat dissipation technology, which can reduce the noise to less than 40dB even when the fan is running at high speed. It can be used in a working temperature environment of 0-40°C. For example, it can be placed in the bedroom of the home for mining. It can be said to be an “era product” born to solve the problem of noise and energy consumption.

The premise of investing in mining rigs is the ecological value and recognition of Ethereum Classic and confidence in the rise of ETC. The recent performance of ETC has also satisfied the project party and investors and is looking forward to seeing it have a higher development space. If miners want to reap some dividends before the arrival of this bullish market, choosing JASMINER X4-Q is undoubtedly the right direction of mining.

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