Papa Media to speak at Synergy Crypto & NFT Forum in Dubai

April 13 07:24 2022

Investors, entrepreneurs and crypto market experts will meet at Synergy Crypto and NFT Forum in Dubai on 30 April 2022.

The participants of the event will discuss trends in the cryptocurrency industry. Speakers of the forum – businesspeople, and experts on investments will share their experience on investments, talk about prospective projects of the sphere and discuss on how to earn more.

The key topics to be discussed in the forum are:

– blockchain,

– cryptocurrencies,

– NFT,

– mining.

– start-ups.

At Synergy Crypto and NFT Forum, participants will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights, learn about current trends in the crypto market, and make useful contacts.

List of Speakers at Synergy Crypto and NFT Forum:

Igor Sergeev – businessman, journalist, investor. Founder of Papa Group. Winner of Influencers Awards for significant contribution in the development of media business in Dubai.

Topic: Features and trends of crypto media

Madina Dmitrieva – entrepreneur, and investor. More than 10,000 people have become financially free thanks to her secrets of wealth. 

Topic: Financial Intelligence in Crypto

Oksana Shusha – cryptocurrency exchange worldwide from 2019. 

Topic: How to see and seize opportunities organically at their inception, while they are not yet trending

Dmitry Krasnogor – business consultant, board member of the Russian Business Council UAE.

Topic: Cryptocurrency storage

Nikita Kunitsyn – the owner of the international network of women’s fitness studios PROSTRETCHING. Shifted from the real world to the meta-world, cryptocurrencies, NFT, DEFI.

Topic: About NFT from scratch to “mint”

Olga Dvoretskaya – producer of projects in ART&TECH, visionary, author of educational programs for NFT ACADEMY, art dealer.

Topic: NFT. Varieties, ways of management and monetization

Rinat Kamiev – founder of the Rich Capital Partners Billionaire Club, CEO of the Apofiz trade and social network, member of the coordination board of EAEC, vice-president of the Central Asian Markets Association, Ph.D. in Philosophy, investor and entrepreneur. 

Topic: Crypto Sales

Maria Grudinina – Business Development Manager of Chiko&Roko NFT Art toys. More than 10 years of experience in marketing, event organisation, and product promotion.

Topic: Promotion of NFT collections.

Artem Leonov – co-founder and CEO of Singularis Holding 

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