Ethan King’s Book ‘Wealth Beyond Money’ Becomes An International Best Seller in 7 Countries

April 13 17:36 2022
Ethan King’s Book ‘Wealth Beyond Money’ Becomes An International Best Seller in 7 Countries
Ethan King becomes an international bestselling author as his book ‘Wealth Beyond Money’ hits best selling status in seven countries.

Ethan King, a successful and established entrepreneur with businesses in apparel, fitness, ecommerce, and real estate, has become a successful author too. His book, ‘Wealth Beyond Money: Unlocking The 6 Dimensions of Success for Richness in Every Area of Your Life,’ is a bestseller in seven countries.

“I am passionate about helping others unlock their maximum potential with minimum effort so they can evolve into their best self,” says Ethan King about his passion and life goals. “I believe that no matter where you are in life, deep down, you desire more—more freedom, more money, more passion, and more vitality. You can have it all, and with the right mindset and tools, it is simpler than you think.”

Ethan is passionate about his readers and followers truly having it all. His book will help readers learn the simple 8-phase process to evolve into their highest version. They can obtain maximum fitness in minimum time, and know how to potentially increase their income by two, five, or even ten times.

In this bestseller, Ethan also shows how to form powerful relationships that last and get more joy and excitement out of life.

Ethan King is the founder of SIMPLE Success School. The School aims to evolve people into their best versions across all six dimensions of life: spirituality, intellect, money, physicality, love, and entertainment.

Ethan and his team provide the mindset and tools needed to achieve optimal health in the mind, body, relationships, and finances.

In this book, readers will discover a new approach to life balance. They can achieve ultimate success in all these six dimensions of life without sacrificing anything that truly matters.

Ethan has also shared some important tips to help readers move ahead in their life powerfully.

1. Always look for the good in every situation. Assume everything that happens is happening in your favor.

2. Remember that if someone else has done it, you can do it too.

3. Attract, don’t chase—that which you chase usually runs away. Instead, first become the person you need to become, then everything you want will be magnetically drawn to you.

Ethan King is convinced that everyone has a unique skill set and a unique story, but most take this for granted. However, by sharing it,one can change someone else’s life for the better. King believes that if each person focuses on helping every person they encounter evolve into their best possible self, we will all live in a world of abundance.

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Ethan King is an established entrepreneur with a presence in apparel, fitness, e-commerce, and real estate businesses. He is a dynamic speaker who shares his journey from starving artist to CEO of multiple 7-figure brands. He has been featured on the cover of Best Self magazine and specializes in coaching high-performance professionals worldwide. He is a leader in Entrepreneurs’ Organization—a global nonprofit with over 15,000 members worldwide—helping business owners grow personally and professionally.

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