Dubai’s IB nurtures successful students

April 13 17:08 2022

The IBDP is a very rigorous course, and this does not make matters easy if a student does not have sufficient academic support, tutors, and career counseling.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where is the nearest IB tutoring center near me?” Maybe you’ll be looking for a French or English tutor, Physics and Maths Tutor, or even advice on how to help your child tackle the IBDP course. One thing is for certain, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to your search for talented IB teachers in Dubai, look no further than IB Give your child better chances of IB success as we provide both physical and online tutoring, and make use of cutting-edge methods of tutoring in Dubai.

For any tuition in Dubai, we’re there to fill the gap as our highly-competent team of professional tutors is there to give expert guidance that’ll yield the best results for your child.

IB offers guidance for your child’s extended essay which is a key part of the curriculum which learners have to satisfy in the course of their IBDP journey. Not only are the IB Tutors in Dubai highly trained and experienced, but they can also offer life skills lessons to ensure the grooming of well-rounded students.

All the tutors have ample time to effectively train each student as the center only takes very small classes of 3 learners on average. This allows a tailor-made learning experience which is otherwise very difficult to achieve in many big school set-ups which can have a relatively large number of students per class. The IB tutors also go a long by nurturing positive relations with students, building trust, being role models, and answering all the questions students might be having on their learning journey.

Positive teaching inspires generations (source

All the tutors at IB believe in the power of participatory learning. That is, students are at the center of all the teaching and learning activities. Students are tactfully encouraged to become critical thinkers. They’re reinforced to have attention to detail and a deep-seated curiosity to explore many topics in their IBDP course. Regularly, our teachers carefully plan critical discussions on selected topics covered by the curriculum so that students may get to interact with the content and increase their levels of curiosity about their subjects.

If you’re looking for an inspiring learning environment that will go a long way in ensuring each student gets an opportunity to effectively learn, master the IBDP, and achieve success, then look no further than IB It’s the home to Dubai’s best IB Tutors.

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