Shawn Fair Chooses Powerhouse Speaker JJ Conway to Share Her Financial Expertise

April 13 23:45 2022
Shawn Fair Chooses Powerhouse Speaker JJ Conway to Share Her Financial Expertise

An unforeseen circumstance can derail the lives of most people. It takes a strong and determined person to respond to a difficult situation and regain control of their life. JJ Conway faced an unexpected divorce and thousands of dollars in debt but was able to turn her life around. Today, she is a multi-awarded educational and motivational speaker, financial planner, and personal growth coach. She turned her negative experience into a force for good, and she now helps individuals build wealth. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, especially by Shawn Fair. Shawn Fair recently chose JJ Conway to join his number one speaking platform as a true powerhouse speaker. 

JJ Conway served in the Air Force as a physicist, and upon her return from a six-month temporary duty travel, Conway found that her house had been sold and her possessions thrown out. “My husband at the time also filed for divorce, which left me with an $845,000 debt,” Conway said. While her situation seemed daunting, Conway knew she had to find a way to get her finances in order. “My son sacrificed so much for my military service, with us always moving. I knew I had to do something that would solve my debt problem and allow me to retire from the military,” Conway explained. 

With that goal in mind, JJ Conway sought out educational resources to help her understand finances and how money works. She put in the work and received a Certificate of Financial Planning from George Mason University. The skills she learned helped her improve her situation, and they eventually allowed her to help other women take charge of their financial independence. “Career-wise, physics was my first love,” Conway shared, “But I have also been passionate about helping other people improve their lives and manage their finances. So the switch in careers made sense for me.”

With her newfound career as a financial planner, JJ Conway has helped thousands of individuals with their financial issues. In addition, she has prevented the loss of their homes due to her deft financial management strategies. Today, she has built a thriving company in Building Wealth Together. Her company offers several services and educational courses related to financial management. At Building Wealth Together, JJ Conway creates custom financial plans for clients and concierge financial planning for executives and entrepreneurs. She also offers online learning courses covering wealth management, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, among other topics. 

Because of her experience, JJ Conway uses her expertise to support other women going through financial turmoil later in life. She said, “I am currently launching a Women’s Wealth Mentorship program that equips others to lead financial revolutions among the women in their local communities.” Conway has also developed the 7-Step Women’s Wealth System that lets her clients experience personalized financial planning and education. “Women sacrifice so much for others, their partners, their children, and their families. With my courses and programs, I want to help women do something for themselves for a change and give them the skills and the confidence they need to build wealth,” Conway said. 

JJ Conway is also a best-selling author of 12 books and several anthologies. She has a podcast about building generational wealth, and she has been invited to numerous speaking engagements. She recently spoke in front of 6,000 attendees at the John Maxwell International Maxwell Certification Conference. Conway has also spoken at FinCon and Women in Cloud. Her charisma, expertise and in-depth courses have caught the attention of speaking icon Shawn Fair as well. Shawn Fair recently recognized JJ Conway as a powerhouse speaker and gave her a place on his top speaking platform.

“Life can surprise us with unfortunate circumstances, but we can always turn them around and change our life for the better,” JJ Conway shared, “I am here to help individuals, especially women, take charge of their money and life. If I did it, so can they. Together, we can move past debt, build wealth, and prosper.”

JJ Conway is a financial planner, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. To learn more about her work, you can visit her website.

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