Grow Marketing & Consulting now a Certified Google Partner for specialization in Google Ads

April 16 03:16 2022
As a Certified Google Partner for Paid Search Marketing, Grow Marketing & Consulting assures to help businesses with industry-leading digital ad campaigns.

Middletown, New Jersey – April 15, 2022 – Leading digital marketing agency Grow Marketing & Consulting is pleased to announce that it is now a Certified Google Partner for specialization in Paid Search Marketing (Google Ads). The company helps businesses of all sizes to grow their brands, increase leads, and reach business goals through result-driven Google Ads campaigns and expert digital marketing consultancy. Banking on its recently attained Google Partner certification and industry-leading expertise in paid search marketing, Grow Marketing is aimed to empower businesses struggling with growth post-COVID lockdowns to bounce back and scale up better than ever.   

As a Certified Google Partner, Grow Marketing & Consulting has been acknowledged by Google for optimizing campaign success for clients for growth of their brands through expertise in Google Ads skills. Given Grow Marketing’s recently acquired Google Partnership status, the company now holds access to a vast range of exclusive benefits, covering the right to showcase the badge of Google Partners on its website and marketing materials, as well as promotional offers for new accounts including up to $500 in free ad spend.  

There are three major categories that are evaluated by Google while conferring the Google Partnership certificate to a company: Performance, Speed, and Certification. The Google Partners registered Ads account manager is required to show a minimum of 70% optimization score. Regarding Speed, it is mandatory for the Ads account manager to maintain a minimum of 90-day ad spend of $10,000 USD across all the managed accounts. Grow Marketing & Consulting currently handles upwards of $2.0 million per year in ad spend for businesses of all sizes across the United States. 

When it comes to the Certification criterion, the registered Ads account manager is required to have 50% (minimum) of his/her account strategists certified in Google Ads, along with 1 certification (at least) in each product area (Search, Video, Display, Shopping etc.)

Grow Marketing & Consulting has fulfilled all the criteria requirements as maintained by Google for the Google Partnership status. 

  • In regard to the Performance criterion, the company has shown to maintain the required optimization score of minimum 70%, thereby confirming high-performing Google Ads accounts for its clients.  
  • Coming to the criterion of Speed, Grow Marketing & Consulting has managed minimum $10,000 USD worth ad spend over the last 90 days, demonstrating the company’s expertise in consistently helping client-businesses in identifying new growth opportunities and attaining sustainable success on an ongoing basis. 
  • In regard to the Certifications criterion, Grow Marketing & Consulting it has at least 1 account strategist and minimum 50% of the company team holds Google Ads certification and holds expertise in Google Ads. 

“It’s an exciting moment for us to share with you all that Grow Marketing & Consulting has recently attained the prestigious status of Certified Google Partner for specialization in Paid Search Marketing (Google Ads). We have successfully met all the criteria required by Google to attain the certification and now we can proudly showcase the badge of Google Partners on our website and marketing materials. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Google for believing in us, for acknowledging our hard work and performance, and for accrediting us with the esteemed Google Partner status. It’s truly an honor for our entire team and we pledge to live up to the elite Certification and Partnership conferred upon us”, stated John Doudoukjian, leading Paid Search Marketing expert and the man behind Grow Marketing & Consulting. 

An industry veteran, John comes with over a decade of direct industry experience in paid search marketing, data analytics, and digital marketing overall. A 4.0 Rutgers MBA Graduate, he specializes in Strategic Management, Digital Marketing, and Business Analytics. As of 2022, John has acquired the prestigious Google Partner status in a wide range of areas, including Measurement Certification, Display Certification, Video Certification, Search Certification, and Shopping Ads Certification. 

Grow Marketing & Consulting specializes in developing industry-leading Google Ads campaigns for clients that are strategically designed to boost growth and generate high conversion rates, highest top of the page rates, as well as maximum impression shares among competitors. 

“As a Certified Google Partner for specialization in Paid Search Marketing (Google Ads), we promise to empower our clients with highest-caliber paid search marketing, digital marketing, and data consulting services in the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic combined with inflation and a stagnation in consumer demand has been a heavy blow to a huge volume of businesses, especially the SMEs, and multiple businesses are struggling to recover from the losses. At Grow Marketing, we are looking forward to supporting these struggling businesses to overcome the challenges and re-building their businesses for sustainable growth in the coming years. Our recently attained Google Partner status offers us leverage over many regular paid search and digital marketing companies- the Certification testifies to our expertise and proven ability to produce superior growth and accentuated brand exposure for our client businesses on a consistent basis.” 

Grow Marketing & Consulting helps client businesses to bring their brand before their target niche who are looking for their businesses on Google Search engine and Maps. Clients pay only when they get a result, such as a click to their website (through Google Ads) or a call to their business.

Per the statements of John, their action-driven Paid Search Marketing campaigns are intelligently designed to bring clients a number of actions from their target niche, including more website visits, more phone calls, more store visits, and more brand exposure. Ultimately leading to an increased customer base and higher revenues for businesses. 

“We not only make sure that your Google Ads campaigns with us drive high website clicks and calls but also receive the clicks, visits, and calls from specifically the most relevant audience. We are extremely particular about helping to generate only high quality leads that can actually boost your sales figures and scale up your business, and that too on a sustainable basis.” 

Added to Paid Search Marketing service, Grow Marketing also offers expert Marketing Consulting services to the client-businesses. The company follows an extensive study on the client’s brand and based on that demonstrates the brand’s current position in the contemporary marketing space. The company also helps the business to get a clear picture on the growth opportunities available for the brand in the contemporary market scenario. 

“Before we devise an advertising strategy, we prefer to educate our clients about their current status in the contemporary market- and also where they stand in respect to their competitors. Every brand comes with its own unique needs and thus we follow a customized approach to ensure a tailored marketing consultancy for all our clients. A bespoke consultancy approach enables us to devise and design a campaign as per the best interests and specific business objectives of each of our clients.” 

As a Certified Google Partner, Grow Marketing & Consulting stands ahead of the curve for a number of factors. To start with, the company is focused on developing second-to-none campaigns that are meticulously planned and designed to accelerate growth for a business. Another factor that differentiates the company from the rest of paid search marketing consulting companies is its consistent stress on Strategic Data Analysis. Grow Marketing follows a smart result-driven approach that combines strategic management with advanced data analytics procedures to scale up a business from inside out. 

“One of the major factors that help us to deliver industry-leading campaigns is our focus on Strategic data-based decisions. Such an approach enables us to grow your business right fromany level effectively and quickly. Our strategic focus enables us to boost up even the most struggling businesses; over time, we have helped multiple struggling businesses to rise up from the losses and march ahead with consistent growth. Our Google Ad campaigns are intelligently designed to garner daily attention – we take all measures possible to ensure their optimum performance”, explained John while discussing the primary factors that separate Grow Marketing from the regular digital marketing companies out there. 

Grow Marketing & Consulting also stands out for its guarantee of complete transparency with the clients. The company extends an open line of communication as well as interactive reporting in real-time to ensure consistent communication and full transparency. For example, clients receive weekly updates directly on their email and consistent check-ins from the owner himself.  

“Unlike many other digital marketing companies that practice reservations about sharing details with clients, Grow Marketing & Consulting always assures full transparency because we do not outsource any of our work. We will help you to learn the inner operations of your online advertising campaigns so that you can get a clear picture on how things work right from the beginning. You will receive expert consultation from us on how to optimize your profits on the digital plane.” 

Grow Marketing & Consulting also works for non-profit organizations. Speaking on, John shared that they help non-profit organizations to get Google Ad Grant worth $10,000 in online advertising every month to promote their non-profit group. 

“We offer our expert paid search marketing services for non-profit organizations as well. We will help you to get Google Ad Grant and display your message to people who are looking for your non-profit. Our result-driven Google Ad campaigns will take your message to the right audience, thereby helping to grow exposure for your non-profit organization.  Over time, we have helped multiple non-profit organizations to generate more avenues for donations, recruit volunteers, and also share their mission all over the world.” 

Success stories 

Over the past few years, Grow Marketing & Consulting has helped over 60 businesses skyrocket their growth and stand out on top of search results with its paid search advertising campaign and digital marketing consulting. 

3Sixty Management 

3Sixty Management company offers motivational keynote speaking and business consulting. 3Sixty Management consulted with John for paid search advertising services and has been rewarded with highly successful ad campaigns in Google Ads, Spotify Ads, and Amazon Advertising areas. As per the stats shared by 3Sixty Management, after working with Grow Marketing, they have recorded a 1000% increase in conversions as well as attained 2,000% increase in traffic. The company has also acquired 250,000+ weekly impressions with the expert consultancy of Grow Marketing.  

No Body Denied 

Grow Marketing & Consulting has helped a bunch of companies bounce back from the losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. One such business is No Body Denied, a fitness training brand that offers services in Springfield & Morristown New Jersey. Akin to many other fitness facilities, No Body Denied was also hit by the pandemic, thereby incurring membership and employment losses. In an attempt to move the business forward, the company sought help from Grow Marketing, and it was a wise thing to do. John and his team helped the company with strategic Google Ads campaigns and expert Marketing Consultancy which eventually helped NBD to bounce back and record a growing business. When it comes to numbers, Grow Marketing campaigns have helped No Body Denied to attain 250% increment in membership and 1000% increase in rate of new visitors. Also, the company now enjoys 99% top of the page rate. 

Neuro Health Center

Neuro Health Center is a non-profit organization that works on healing autism and other kinds of severe brain injuries. Grow Marketing & Consulting has helped the non-profit organization to receive Google Ad Grant worth $10,000 each month that helps them to run free Google Ads. Backed by the expert Google Ad campaign services by John and his team, Neuro Health Center has been able to attain a 500% increase in web traffic, over 10,500 weekly impressions, and 250% increase in patient leads.

Home Guard Home Inspection 

Home Guard Home Inspection offers home inspection, random testing, and oil tank removal services for residential properties. The company was looking for growth of the brand and consulted Grow Marketing for Paid Search Marketing services. Grow Marketing’s ad campaigns were so successful that Home Guard Home Inspection had to plan for department extension. Google Ad campaigns developed by Grow Marketing have helped Home Guard Home Inspection to record a massive 250% increase in leads, 5,000+ weekly impressions, and 150% increase in web traffic. 

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