Whatbox Digital Develops the B2B VIP Shock & Awe Sales Funnel That Attracts High-Value Customers

April 25 18:03 2022
The sales funnel can add millions to your business in 2022.

Whatbox Digital is the digital marketing agency for B2B business owners and leaders who are tired of wasting money on marketing that simply does not work. They provide marketing tools, systems, frameworks, and a strategic plan that helps businesses acquire new customers reliably and consistently, increase their revenue, and grow their businesses smarter and faster.

In Episode 45 of the ‘Learn More Earn More Business Growth Podcast,’ hosted by CEO, Brian Webb, he lays out the fundamentals on how to use “The B2B VIP Sales Funnel’ to add $1MM+ to your revenue in 2022. The episode explains the VIP Funnel Webb engineered for businesses to use to go after their top VIP100 customers in a way they have likely never seen before.

The B2B sales funnel was inspired by one of Webb’s mentors, Dan Kennedy, who is known as the godfather of direct response marketing. Kennedy taught him years ago that when business owners are going after high-value customer targets, they cannot just run an ads, send them a brochure, or simply provide a link to a website. They have to shock potential clients and leave them with a sense of awe. As business owners and marketers, they have to rise above the white noise of mediocrity in your marketplace to get the clients’ attention.

‘He who is willing to spend the most to acquire a new customer wins,’ shared Kennedy.

The ‘B2B VIP Shock & Awe Sales Funnel’ initially requires some time, creativity and commitment. It urges business owners to create lists of the dream VIP100 customers they want to target and pursue. These VIP100 target customers represent the minimum number of high-value prospects they want to target, not the maximum. They may have more than 200 people that should be on this list. But focusing on 100 people at a time is more than enough to keep them busy for a while. Once they’ve created the initial VIP100 list of high-value ideal customer targets and experienced some success with this VIP sales funnel, then they can move on to their next VIP100 list or targets.

These targeted VIP prospective customers represent significant potential growth opportunities for your business. Companies are leveraging the power of shock and awe, and they are doing something that none of their competitors do. By applying this sales funnel, they are showing up in a thoughtful, creative, generous and innovative way. They are doing everything they can to show up in a way that cannot be ignored.

Business owners who need help with this sales funnel, want to unpack its potential, or need help getting this executed can email Whatbox Digital at [email protected]. Just drop the words VIP and their name and contact info into the email to start a conversation. They can also visit their website at https://whatboxdigital.com/.

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