Holman Law Helps Texans With Estate Planning, Using Revocable Trusts To Avoid Probate

April 25 18:14 2022
Holman Law of ers solutions for clients seeking estate preservation for their heirs and who want to ensure their final wishes are carried out when they die.

April 25, 2022 – Holman Law LLP, is a top-rated estate planning law firm in Dallas, Texas, servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Under the savvy leadership of attorney Steven C. Holman, the firm takes a comprehensive approach to estate planning, balancing the pros and cons of each potential estate planning strategy and how it fits into each client’s particular situation. One such strategy that Holman has found very beneficial to his clients is avoiding probate with the creation of Revocable Trusts. Holman states, “As any probate attorney can tell you, there’s a variety of reasons you should try to avoid probate. Thoughtful estate planning will save your family and loved ones a substantial amount of time and money in the probate process.”

Probate can be an expensive and lengthy court process, draining an estate’s assets as court costs and fees must be paid throughout the duration of the proceedings. By establishing a Revocable Trust as part of an overall estate plan, probate court can be avoided, and beneficiaries can access their inheritance right away. The estate can be distributed pursuant to the precise terms of the trust, not based on probate court decisions, therefore preserving the client’s final wishes.

Holman Law expertly carves out the estate planning needs of each client, helping them create a legacy that they can pass down to loved ones, family, and future generations. More information can be found at https://www.holmanlawllp.com/.

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Steven C. Holman is the founding attorney of estate planning law firm, Holman Law LLP. Their office is located in north Dallas, TX with clients across the State of Texas. Clients can access their services via in-person meetings or virtually online.

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