Theodore Shorter’s Newly Released Book based on Son’s Tragic Story Hits Massive Success

April 25 18:45 2022
Recently, Theodore Shorter, Jr. has released a book named “Lovingly and Orderly: A Son’s Lament” which is now available online. It has already received many readers’ appreciation till now.

USA – April 25, 2022 – According to a recent report, the famous author Theodore Shorter, Jr. has published a book titled “Lovingly and Orderly: A Son’s Lament”. Till now, it has been appreciated by the readers wholeheartedly. As the author says, the book is not a random fictional story. Instead, it is based on a real-life story that includes an interesting case investigation.

The story starts with a single mother who reared her children – 2 boys and 2 girls. They used to live in a place near the West Side of Chicago. It is a place regulated for all “colored” people. The name of the mother was Pauline Shorter. Since she was a single mother, it took so much effort to raise their children as God-fearing individuals staying safe from the evils. It was tough so she occasionally took Theodore’s (Ted) help. Anyways, when the children grew up, they forgot their mothers. They ignored here and moved to their own ways. Four of them parted away. Later, after their mother’s hospitalisation, they came back. The mother was being kept alive under ventilation so that her children could come back and see her.

However, after certain things passed, jealousy occurred in the children’s minds. An older sister came forward and took charge. Well, she did everything even before her mother died. She managed to betray and focused on satisfying her own sake. Ted was left out of everything. He put much effort into getting justice. But, as the son laments, even after confronting the adverse situations and the misconduct, the love in his heart never faded away. He loved his mother with all his heart. Also, his devotion to God was never shaken. Even if he has faced the turbulence from the society and the pain from his near and dear ones, he never compromised with his human traits. Later, he overcame the situation.

As the author mentions, the target audience of the book is the group of people who have faced the loss of loved ones and similar tough factors in life. The author affirms that if such a book would have been given to him when he was suffering, probably the pain would be less than what it was. Anyways, so, through this book, he desires now to offer that sense of support and care to the other individuals who are suffering from the same trauma.

The author Theodore wants to send a good message to his readers of this book. He wishes that love and order remain in every family. The book is available at $2.12 for a Kindle version. If anybody wants to buy a paperback, the cost goes around $30.10. The print length is around 476 pages. And the hardcover version costs $35.99.

Thus, a son’s real-life story comes in front of the readers through the book. The pain and trauma of injustice are portrayed here. Considering its popularity, it is said that the book is going to be a best-seller soon. The real-life story of love, commitment, and devotion enthralled the readers.

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