Is Radiant Galaxy Gamefi a New Unicorn Project

April 25 19:40 2022
The Super Game team debuted the Radiant Galaxy project in the second quarter of 2021 as a development project in the GameFi sector. This is a Play-to-Earn strategy mobile game created on the Blockchain platform.

Based on the NFT Grobot ecosystem, the Radiant Galaxy game project aims to provide players with an environment that includes a variety of enjoyment features as well as the opportunity to earn money. No matter how less time they have in the day, users may pick any manner to generate money that fits them.

How to earn with Radiant Galaxy

The NFT Mining function allows players to discover brand new NFTs and win extremely rare NFTs.

Radiant Galaxy provides a variety of attractive PVP and PVE game types, as well as stunning 3D visuals, to increase fun and maximize revenue. Players will employ GRobots to compete with other players in game modes such as Auto-battle Arena, Siege Battle, Dungeon Battle, Guild War, or fight Boss to safeguard the planet and win being able to play games and earn money while doing something you love is far beyond compare.

Many special events will be organized in accordance with the activities on the Radiant Galaxy system, players will be able to compete with other players for rewards or combat villains from other worlds to protect your planet G-007 and obtain a massive prize of GAXY or EEG. This is an opportunity for gamers to share and enhance their abilities while receiving massive prizes by participating in large events.

Galaxyers can generate passive income by using the “Staking NFT” feature. This is a straightforward act in which users are rewarded for having their NFT assets locked into the system.

Grobot holders can earn extra GAXY tokens by depositing them in NFT staking pools. The system will issue a certain number of GAXY tokens in order to pay interest to holders who contributed to lock NFT in the pool

Walk-to-Earn is simply described as the act of walking in order to earn money. This is a new trend in the crypto market that has substantial implications for our life. This movement has helped blockchain gradually come to life, allowing various individuals to get access to new concepts such as tokens or NFTs. Further to these features, Blockchain is expanded to illustrate its true value, rather than an inflated technology

What a relief for Galaxyers that you can earn money by walking! The Radiant Galaxy developing team would like to encourage its gamers to exercise in order to enhance their health while also enjoying various games. Your responsibility is just to launch the app and walk.

You may use the EEG rewards from this mode to make profit on the exchanges, or you can continue to spend this money to activate NFT mining mode for new NFTs.


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