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April 25 20:04 2022
A popular online store that recently challenged Amazon to beat their prices has launched a campaign to help pet owners prepare for their dogs to be left at home when returning to work

During the COVID Pandemic, more people worked from home than ever before. This was great news for pet dogs who got to spend more time with their owners. However, once people started to return to work it caused pet dogs some serious problems. The Awesome Fresh Store (https://awesomefresh.store/) which sells a wide range of affordable pet accessories, has put together some tips on how to help pet dogs cope when returning to work.

The online store that sells everything from pet supplies, gadgets, beauty products, to car accessories, understands how worried some owners are about leaving their dogs at home. There are more than 471 million dogs in the USA, with the majority of them having working owners. During the pandemic, millions of dogs have got used to their owners being within the home for long periods, but now Covid cases have dropped more people are returning to work. That has had a serious effect on millions of pets.

That is why Awesome Fresh Store which has said they will not be beaten on price has launched an information campaign to help those owners. The online store always puts its customers first and that is why they have launched several awareness campaigns.

Here are the tips to help dogs cope when going back to work.

Provide a safe and happy environment

When returning to work provide the dog with a safe and happy environment. It is important to keep things in their dog’s reach and provide a god mattress or blankets. Leave them some toys such as the Tug-of-Floor Dog Toy (https://awesomefresh.store/tug-of-floor-dog-toy/). It is priced at just $24.99 and is a great toy to keep the dog occupied.

Turn on the TV or radio

It is a good idea when not at home to turn on the TV or radio to allow the dog to be relaxed and calm. Music or videos of waterfalls is a great option to keep a dog calm. By doing this it reduces their anxiety and stops them from feeling lonely.

Take the dog for a walk before going to work

Have a playtime before going to work. As well as taking the dog for a wolk, allow them to have some fun. Play with some toys and spend some quality time with them.

These are just some of the tips to help dogs cope with owners going back to work. There are lots of toys and dog accessories available on the popular platform (https://awesomefresh.store/pet-supplies/) all available at low prices.

Awesome Fresh Store has lots of great quality products, all available at low prices. To see the full range of products available, please visit https://awesomefresh.store

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