Discusses Wireless Security Cameras and Where to Place Them around a Property

April 25 21:13 2022 Discusses Wireless Security Cameras and Where to Place Them around a Property

Many people today choose to install a home surveillance system, as they want to ensure their loved ones and assets remain safe. However, before installing this system, men and women need to consider where to place cameras for the best results. Look to provide maximum coverage of the property when making these decisions. 

Questions to Ask

First, start by thinking about where the cameras are most needed. Identify vulnerable spots on the property and ensure cameras cover those spots. Obscured entryways need cameras because thieves look for places where they can remain hidden from the view of others. The best site offering security cameras will provide information on areas a homeowner may wish to cover with a camera. 

Consider previous break-ins, including those that occurred before the home was purchased. Where did the criminals access the home or property? Place cameras in those areas to prevent future invasions. 

Take into consideration the likelihood of criminals tampering with the cameras. If the cameras are hidden, this becomes more difficult. However, a person may want to make the cameras visible to deter people who may otherwise choose to access the property. 

One option involves buying cheap dummy cameras. Place the cameras in easily seen places around the property. Hide the actual cameras so they can record the criminal as they work to deactivate the fake ones. Even if they find the real cameras, the cameras already have their image. The Best Wireless Home Security Systems Of April 2022 will ensure this is the case. 

Camera Placement

Home security experts recommend placing security cameras at the front and back doors. Approximately one-third of home invasions occur through the front door. Install the camera on the second floor to prevent the criminal from accessing it and knocking out the feed. If the home only has one story, use mesh wiring to protect the camera from tampering. 

According to, criminals access homes through the back door 22 percent of the time, including doors on the sides of the home. Every door needs a security camera at each door to reduce the risk of a criminal accessing the residence. As with the front door, install the cameras where criminals cannot tamper with them or use protective devices to prevent tampering. 

Burglars also look for rear windows, as they make it easy to access the home without people on the street seeing them. Try to place these cameras a minimum of nine feet above the ground. As 80 percent of burglaries occur through doors and rear windows in the home, putting cameras in these areas reduces the risk of an intruder in the home. 

Where Not to Place the Cameras

Now they know where to place cameras, homeowners must know where not to place them. Never put a camera behind a glass window, as window glare could prevent a clear view of the intruder. Also, don’t put the cameras too high on the house. Deep Sentinel explains doing so will make it difficult to see the features of the intruder clearly, making it harder to identify and capture them. 

Security cameras serve as an excellent way to protect property and its occupants. However, the placement of the cameras plays a role in how successful a person is in securing their property. Ask for help if not sure where to place the cameras. The security camera provider and law enforcement officials are two great resources. 

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