Reveals the Ultimate Iceland Campervan Packing List

April 25 21:52 2022 Reveals the Ultimate Iceland Campervan Packing List

When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, traveling around Iceland by campervan can truly top the list. This island nation boasts some incredible scenery, often in remote spots that would be hard to reach by other means. From volcanoes to glaciers, there’s a lot to see. Don’t let poor planning ruin what would otherwise have been the perfect adventure vacation. Find out what to pack for a camper van excursion across Iceland before leaving.

The Right Backpack

The first thing to settle on isn’t which clothes to bring. It’s what kind of pack to put it in. Renting a campervan means that visitors will be able to see some amazing sights, but according to, it takes at least a few day trips to see the best natural wonders Iceland has to offer. A successful day trip out in nature requires a high-quality pack.

A 25-30 liter pack should be large enough to carry anything required for a day out in nature. Upgrading to a 45-50 liter pack will allow visitors to bring along their clothes, toiletries, cameras, and gadgets without having to worry about carrying a suitcase. Just make sure to choose a pack that has adequate shoulder, chest, and hip straps for proper weight distribution.

The Right Clothes

Packing the right clothing is usually a matter of finding seasonally appropriate items, and Iceland is no exception. However, it’s also relevant to note that the weather can change rapidly. Plan to bring lots of layers to stay comfortable no matter what the weather’s like and check out some additional resources to gain a better understanding of Iceland’s climate before leaving.

The Necessary Gadgets

When it comes to finding A practical guide to living your best vanlife in Iceland: campers, routes and rules are obviously important. So are clothing, packs, and other obvious necessities. However, it’s also essential to bring all the right tech gadgets to stay in touch with friends and family, document the trip, and be prepared for emergencies.

The most obvious thing is to bring a mobile phone that has International service. It’s also wise to bring along a power bank and charger that holds at least enough power to charge the phone a few times. If the phone has a good camera, a large external hard drive to store photos and videos, and reliable data access, that might be the only gadget required. Most of the time, though, people who rent vans through also tend pack:

  • DSLR cameras

  • External hard drives

  • Headphones

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Pocket routers

These items take up very little space. They can also make a big difference when it comes to quality of life. It’s worth bringing along a few extras.

Check Everything Twice

After collecting all of the essentials, including those that fall into the categories listed above plus toiletries and, of course, necessary documents, check the list before packing them. Once they’re in place, check the list again to make sure nothing is missing. Finally, put those passports, visas, driver’s licenses, and other essentials in a safe place and start bragging to friends or family about that upcoming trip of a lifetime.

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