JASMINER X4-Q lead the industry in quiet standards

April 26 00:24 2022

After nearly two years of development, JASMINER X4 series High-throughput server has become the standard for global crypto users to purchase high quality mining rigs in their minds. With higher hash rate, lower power consumption, and stronger adaptability, JASMINER X4 series products meet the needs of crypto customers who have the ultimate pursuit of hash rate, power consumption, and experience, allowing customers to become the pioneer of “mining” in the crypto world and realize higher value for users.

With the overall situation of the industry being so severe, JASMINER has been able to achieve growth that far exceeds the industry level, thanks to JASMINER’s consistent mindset of always focusing on user needs and experience and making every effort to build the most satisfying mining rig brand for users.

In JASMINER’s view, product innovation should have a clear frame of reference, and that frame of reference is user experience. In order to gain insight into consumer feedback and achieve product optimization and upgrading, the JASMINER marketing team conducted a comprehensive analysis of three dimensions: consumer evaluation, consumer attitude and positive sentiment ratio through surveys on major mainstream social media and social applications. They further found that in addition to the main concerns of users in terms of hash rate and energy consumption, “noise” should not be ignored, which means that focusing on these issues will make JASMINER’s innovation more meaningful.

In the face of the industry development opportunities, mining rig manufacturers have focused on the market of ultra-high-hash rate products to seize market share. However, JASMINER launched the X4-Q high-throughput quiet server in April 2022 based on accurate analysis of the demand for lightweight scenarios and customers’ pain points of “noise reduction”, which was recognized and favored by customers worldwide as soon as it was launched.

Superior energy efficiency

Amazing “excellent energy efficiency” in the industry. The JASMINER X4-Q is equipped with 16 innovative high-throughput computing chips with integrated storage and computing, which can provide near-perfect high efficiency and high performance. According to the test report, JASMINER X4-Q has the industry’s leading hash rate level of 1040MH/s±10%, supports ETHASH and ETCHASH algorithms, and the power consumption is only 480w±10%, and the energy consumption ratio is as low as 0.46 ±10%J/MH.

Extremely quiet

Optimize the internal structure to achieve “extremely quiet”. JASMINER X4-Q adopts a dual-fan design, which has higher heat dissipation efficiency and creates a subwoofer of no higher than 40 decibels, bringing users a more extreme quiet enjoyment. At the same time, it is compatible with super high-load hash rate workflow and energy consumption emission. Driven by low-power chips, it greatly reduces rig energy consumption and emission, creating a deep-sea quiet hash rate experience for users.

Full scene adaptation

“Full scene adaptation” to meet the diverse needs of users. JASMINER X4-Q adheres to high grade quality standards and certifications in R&D and design, and adopts the new 3U standard form to ensure that the rig can adapt to various scenarios, such as home, IDC rooms, and professional venues, and can easily cope with various severe tests in the 0-40°C operating temperature environment.

The emphasis on user experience, insight into user needs, listening to user voices, and integrating user feedback into product development reflects JASMINER’s brand philosophy of “user needs as the guide, user experience as the center”, which is the key to enhancing user stickiness, product competitiveness and brand reputation. Although JASMINER is a rising star in the industry, it has attracted more attention from encrypted users around the world. Now the latecomers are taking the lead and continue to grow at a high rate, making the industry impressive.

The new launch of JASMINER X4-Q is not only the optimization and innovation of JASMINER’s own products and comprehensive empowerment of user experience improvement, but also leads the crypto mining industry in the “quiet” standard of product experience. In the subsequent market competition, it is expected that this product launched by JASMINER will have more outstanding performance.

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