O2DEX, the most anticipated project in 2022, ignited the community with tens of thousands of members in its first AMA

April 26 00:34 2022

DEX is one of the most important infrastructures in the crypto ecosystem, the most competitive track in DeFi, and the sector that captures the most value.

The popularity of DeFi has attracted many projects into this protracted competition. However, DEX projects seem to fall into some kind of homogenization trap. When there is no significant difference regarding technology and performance, what kind of design is more appealing to users and thus wins a bigger market share?

On April 21st, O2DEX, a new generation of DEX project developed by the former SushiSwap technical team, held the project’s first community AMA event. This AMA was broadcast live simultaneously on O2DEX’s Telegram and Discord channel, attracting more than 30,000 community members.

This event also marks the first exposure of O2DEX team members to the community. In the AMA, the team mainly introduced O2DEX’s attempts in innovation and how O2DEX will differentiate itself in the market competition. Finally, they responded to the token airdrop questions that community users care about most in great details.

O2DEX is an innovative DEX designed to solve the liquidity predicament of DeFi. It pioneered the UPF non-constant product formula, subverting the market-making mechanism of traditional DEX, reducing risks for and providing multiple rewards to liquidity providers. O2DEX has its inbuilt deflation mechanism. The more assets in the platform are traded, the scarcer they become, eventually continuously raising the value of assets.

O2DEX was developed by a group of former SushiSwap technicians. They were responsible for the development of core functions such as trading and liquidity mining in SushiSwap. With this background, the technical strength of O2DEX is beyond doubt. According to the team members, they have accumulated lots of thoughts about DEX trading algorithms, liquidity risks and economic models in the past long-term development work. The connection of these ideas finally inspired them to develop this new model of DEX together—O2DEX.

The predominant innovation of O2DEX is the improvement on the market maker mechanism adopting the original UPF non-constant market maker mechanism. Under the market maker mechanism of O2DEX, the assets sold by users in transactions do not directly enter the liquidity pool. 50% are directly destructed, and 50% left are rewarded to the liquidity provider in the transaction proportionally.

Compared with traditional DEX, in a pool with the same depth, the UPF non-constant product formula demonstrates less price fall of tokens during selling, which means assets traded on O2DEX are more resistant to price fall, reducing asset loss risks for liquidity providers. The examples below clearly demonstrate that.

Therefore, while trading in O2DEX, assets fall less in price when being sold, which incurs less loss to liquidity providers. If the assets are sold and then bought back, the transaction cost on O2DEX is significantly higher. Consequently, users tend to be more prudent while selling their assets, making it more conducive to building community consensus, allowing all users to share the responsibility of maintaining the token ecology.

Another feature of O2DEX is the way the tokens are distributed. As a completely decentralized project, O2DEX official website only serves as the initiator of the project. After the project is completed and launched, O2DEX will operate in the form of DAO and every user with O2 token holdings can participate in O2DEX ecological governance and make proposals or vote with their tokens.

O2DEX does not conduct private placement or any form of financing. The team only reserves 4.9% of the tokens as treasury funds which are mainly used for development, marketing, daily operations and DAO operations. Treasury wallet is equipped with 7 multi-signature managers. Any expense requires the authorization of at least 4 multi-signature managers. After the project is launched, the community will vote to elect the multi-signature managers through DAO, so the power is back in the hands of the community.

All platform token O2 are distributed to community users via airdrops. The team also launched the Galaxy Project and provides a reward of 20 million O2 tokens. Users with community resources can help the project form a fan community. Galaxy Project will eventually select 40 active communities and 500,000 O2 tokens will be awarded to the leaders of the winning communities. The Galaxy Project will greatly encourage the engagement of KOLs in the community. Thus more people will get to know and learn about  O2DEX, and help the project complete the cold start.

The above content comes from O2DEX’s official AMA. For more information about the basic functions of the project and airdrop events, please go to O2DEX’s social media for the full recap of the AMA.

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