Differently-Abled NOT Disabled: Bennie Holland: Inspirational Story of the Real World Iron Man

April 26 01:11 2022
The man who escaped death, Bennie Holland, saw no stopping. He released his first single, ‘You Don’t Know,’ available on Spotify and Youtube.

On March 12, 1999, the sun rose only to change Bennie Holland’s life forever. Bennie became a fatal hit-and-run case victim. Just in a moment of nanoseconds, a man who was working hard to turn his dreams into reality, a man who had a fierce passion for music, was at a hospital battling between life and death, hoping against hope to survive.

Against all odds and logic, Bennie’s family hoped for a miracle, and God answered. Bennie survived despite suffering multiple life-threatening injuries. He suffered a brain injury, a ruptured spleen, a punctured lung, broken arms and legs, and a finger amputation, among other injuries. It may have been a sad day in the life of Bennie Holland, but God was on his side. Bennie was treated at Prisma Health Richland Hospital and was under treatment for 73 days. 

The life-changing accident didn’t dwarf Bennie’s will to live the life he wanted. Through continuous medical care, years of rehab, and the support of his family, Bennies fought his way back to being a productive citizen and pastor at a local church in Biloxi, Mississippi. Bennie’s perfectly imperfect life made him grateful for the little things in life. He pursued his passion for music and has released a single, ‘You Don’t Know,’ available on Spotify and Youtube. He is a self-taught artist and can play 9 different musical instruments. He is also in the initial stage of producing a movie about his life. Bennie Holland’s extraordinary life story is an inspiration for all.

Bennie Holland shared: ‘This accident taught me that true pleasure isn’t found in wealth, celebrity, or success. It can be found in gratitude. I visited Prisma Health Richland Hospital on March 12, 2019, exactly 2 decades after the accident. I wanted to thank everyone who treated me. Every Time I Turn Around God is Giving Me a Miracle.’ He is currently working on a new book entitled “Faith That Moves God,” which is all set to be released soon.

About Bennie Holland

Bennie Holland is a Pastor at a local church in Mississippi. He is also a songwriter and musician and is working on his first movie based on his own life. He suffered a severe accident after which his life changed forever. 

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