Playback Media Presents New Court Tv Show Titled Basic’ly Court Tv

April 26 04:34 2022
The new court Tv show stars Greg Bowman as a self-appointed Judge who presides over the pettiest of cases to deliver community mediation

Playback Media is delighted to announce the launch of a new court show titled Basic’ly Court Tv. 

Starring Greg Bowman as a self-appointed Judge, the new show was created to provide fun wholesome entertainment as Bowman presides over the pettiest of cases to deliver community mediation.

According to Playback Media, disagreements are unavoidable byproducts of human interaction. As long as human beings live in communities, they are bound to have conflicts with those around them.

To ensure the collective safety of the community, laws and regulations are in place to checkmate behaviour. But while the dispute resolution infrastructures address vital and dire misunderstandings, some disagreements are just too petty to be accommodated.

However, given that unresolved disagreements often rot, and turn vile, evolving into resentment that sometimes leads to serious crimes, Playback Media has put together the Basic’ly Court Tv show, so people can hash out their issues and resolve disputes before they fester into something more serious.

“As a community, we should be able to hold each other accountable and govern ourselves accordingly. And that’s why we’ve created this show to handle and trash out all those seemingly silly and unimportant disagreements that nurse bitterness in our hearts.”

The show is filmed virtually and airs every Friday at 1 am est. on WMYA / ELOS. Theron Smith, the producer of Basic’ly Court Tv has expressed his excitement with the rich content viewers will enjoy in each episode of the show. Theron, who is the producer of BET’s  Rap City, Yo MTV Raps, and MTV2 Sucker Free also served as the cinematographer of Jay-Z music documentary Fade to Black.

People with unresolved disputes are encouraged to reach out to the producers no matter how silly or petty they think their disagreements might be. Anyone interested in learning more about the Tv show can reach out to Playback Media via the contact info below.

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