The Metaverse’s Evolution in the Real Estate Market

April 26 04:56 2022

While the metaverse has been in the making for quite a few years now, it was COVID-19 that brought it to everyone’s attention. The 3D world came in with the idea of being a safe space for users where they could connect and be a part of various communities. And of course, with the pandemic, lockdowns, and having to isolate oneself, no dream could sound better than this.

But since then, everyone has realized that the metaverse is more than that and in fact, it’s a centralized virtual world that completely changes how people pretty much do anything. Using virtual reality and augmented reality, users get an experience that feels more real than reality and even has the potential to replace real-world activities.

While there’s been a lot of hesitation towards the metaverse as well, it’s safe to say that the interest in the metaverse is still on a steep rise.Metaverse and Real EstateFrom cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and now even real estate, everything can be purchased in this virtual world. Real estate, especially, has been completely transformed from what it was known to be in the physical world. The digital real estate, called parcels, are available for anyone to buy and sell using the platform’s currency and there are already millions that have been put into the market! Not just that, there are also mortgage providers and lenders available to make affording property in the metaverse more possible for users.

What’s most interesting is that the utility of the property doesn’t have a whole lot of value in the metaverse, of course, since it’ll never actually be inhabited. Instead, the focus here is on acquiring property that has great size and location so it can be sold later or leased out. And due to this, as well as the fact that the real estate in this virtual world comes in many different shapes and sizes, the pool of buyers has widened significantly and allowing the purchase of micro land parcels – something one could never do in the real world.Even companies like Samsung and PwC have invested in these parcels, just waiting for the metaverse to blow up.

But that being said, it’s also important to acknowledge that the future of this virtual world is quite uncertain and it’s still considered a high-risk investment activity. The inherent value of the platform is still something we’re trying to figure out more about and until then, the most one can do is work with someone who has expertise in this field and that’s where Yaima Lamela comes in.

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